Whizrider Car Seat: Safe and Compact Portable Booster Seat

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Whizrider is an alternative travel booster seat. Lightweight and portable is the most highlighted feature of the Whizrider booster seat. Booster seats are usually heavier and more expensive. You can’t imagine a backless booster seat for less than 100 dollars. The Whizrider Booster Seat is offering you a lot under 100 dollars. 

Whizrider car seat is easy to use for every kid. You can easily install it on any car seat. Regardless of your child’s height and age, you can use the seat belt to give the child a proper place in the car seat. The Whizrider car seat is enormous, but you can fold it into a much smaller size and carry it anywhere. And its weight will not disturb you at all.

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The Safety Features of Whizrider Car Seat

A compact and innovative car seat always provides the best safety for every child. Whizrider is also a creative and safe portable car seat. It gives each necessary element for the littles. So, you don’t need to be concerned about Whizrider safety. The designers spent almost two years on this portable seat to give a compact, innovative and safe design. 

  • It adds safety guidelines.
  • It meets the FVMSS 213 US Safety Standard.
  • It comes with anti- submarining straps.
  • There is no harmful stuff in this backless booster seat.
  • It is Carbon Neutral certified.

So, those who think is the Whizrider legal or not; already get their answers. It is not only legal but also the safest backless booster car seat.

Whizrider reviews are also good. There is no option to complain about it. This seat has no safety issues, no installation issues, low cost, and is easy to carry. So, it is the first-choice booster seat of many parents. Moreover, it has received some awards for its compact design and safety features. 

  • Family Choice Award 2020.
  • European Product Design Award.
  • Moms’ Choice Award.

It has also won PLUS X AWARD in 2019 for its user-friendly functions.

How Does Whizrider Booster Seat Work?

Whizrider has a harness-style restraint system. Not all portable booster seats have it. This innovative system does not lift your child like a traditional booster seat. It allows pulling the shoulder strap for your kid at an accurate level and secures your child in an optimal position through the seat belt.

The leg loops of Whizrider are also very tight. It prevents your kid from sliding onward and submarining. This booster seat works equally well for every kid from 3 to 10 years old.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Provide the best safety.
  • Doesn’t take more space.


  • Bulky head support.

WhizRider, Most Compact, Safe Portable Car Seat Option Ever Designed (Large) – Award-Winning Harness-Style Restraint System for Travel, Carpooling, Ride-Sharing, 3-in-A-Row and More

Whizrider is a simple, compact, innovative and safe booster seat. It is a true portable and one of the most convenient backless booster car seats. You don’t find another suitable like this ever for your kid. Significantly, the restrain system is entirely new and innovative. It provides an optimal safety position for your kid. Whatever the size of your kid, he won’t slide forward or under the lap belt because of the safety belt.

Unique Features 

  • Innovative harness-style restrain system.
  • Weight is too low, less than one pound.
  • Meets U.S. safety standards.
  • Can be used for ride-sharing, 3 in a row, taxis.
  • Installation needs around 20 seconds.
  • Provides super comfort.
  • Offers a bulk-free trip. 
  • Easy to carry anywhere. After folding, it looks like a medium-sized coffee cup. You can fit it in your purse also.
  • Optimal seat belt position.
  • A safe backless booster.
  • Comes with a convenient price tag.

Size and Weight Recommendation

  • Minimum weight recommendation: ‎47 Pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 80 Pounds
  • Minimum height recommendation: 47 Inches
  • Maximum height recommendation: 57 Inches

Why Whizrider Is The Best Choice?

Whizrider is a compact, innovative and safe option for littles. This backless booster seat has won many awards. When it comes to the question of safety and adjustment, you will love its harness system. The built-in guides properly adjust your child in any vehicle seat. As a portable backless booster set, you don’t find any lack of this booster seat. It would be the best if you looked at the features of it.

  • It is a lightweight booster seat. Its weight is less than 1 pound.
  • When you fold it, it looks like a medium-sized coffee cup. So, it is much smaller than every booster seat.
  • It takes only 20 seconds to install. So, it is a user-friendly and compact portable car seat.
  • It is applicable for ride-sharing.
  • This portable car seat meets U.S. NHTSA regulations. That means it is safe for your kid.
  • The safety belt provides optimal position.
  • It prevents your kid from submarining.
  • It is much cheaper than other backless booster seats, only 89.99$.


You will find lots of fantastic feedback over the internet about the Whizrider booster seat. Parents love it because their baby has used this product for more than four years. They said Whizrider was a game-changer for their family. So, it is easy to understand that the Whizrider portable booster seat is a super-cool backless booster seat.