Everything About Mifold Car Seat: Hands on Review

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Parents are always concerned about their children. Parents of younger children are more worried than older children. And this safety issue becomes more complicated when it comes time to go anywhere by car. From the Newborn to the school-age stage, every child must use a car seat when travelling in a vehicle. But the baby car seats are expensive, and not all parents can afford them. Mifold car seat is one of the best solutions for them. 

Mifold car seat is a portable booster car seat. It comes with a convenient, user-friendly design. You will get it from the market at a cheap price range. Basically, it won’t cost you more than 50 dollars. Again, it is very lightweight and approximately ten times smaller than a regular baby car seat. So, those who cannot afford a luxurious and expensive booster seat can buy this compact portable seat.

For many parents, a Mifold car seat is the best deal. This article will cover everything about it, like how to use a Mifold car seat, the pros and cons, and Mifold car seat instructions. This guide will allow you to make a proper decision.

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What Is Mifold Car Seat?

A Mifold car seat is the thickest portable booster seat. In America, we have to drive regularly with our children. So not only parents but also baby car seat manufacturer companies think of providing better car safety. At this point, the issue of price and user-friendly features also matters. 

Booster seats were initially designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12. So these are big in size and heavy in weight. But most parents demand a booster seat that is small in size and light in weight. Mifold’s team worked with this in mind, and in the end, they created the Mifold Portable Seat. The extraordinary features of a Mifold car seat –

  • Ultra-lightweight car seat.
  • Portable backless booster seat.
  • Compact design.
  • Ten times smaller than the traditional booster seat.
  • Super comfortable seat.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easy to take anywhere.
  • You can fold it in a small space.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Safe booster seat.
  • Mighty backless solid booster.

In a word, the Mifold car seats are fantastic. This is the most accessible deal for aeroplane travel or car travel. Just take it and go wherever you want. The manufacturer team also named it a “grab and go” booster seat.

How Does Mifold Car Seat Work?

Mifold car seat is a clean and close-fitting foldable booster seat. The unique feature of this seat is its child position. The position of Mifold car seat offers a unique approach entirely. Most booster seats have systems that lift the baby to a safe height and block the belt. This seat locks up your child’s size. It does not create a different seating position for your child. You have to pull the seat belt, and your baby will be safely adjusted to his place. 

In regular boosters, as your child grows, he needs to be set in a different position. That’s why the seat has a few step positions and other mechanisms so that you can fit your kid at any height. And in the case of a Mifold car seat, whatever the size of your child, you can adjust him by pulling the seatbelt.

How to Install Mifold Booster Seat?

Most users have an installation problem when using a baby car seat. Sometimes, the users do not understand how to install, or the car seat is not adjusting and many more problems. But Mifold does not have these installations issues. You can install a Mifold booster seat in your car within a minute. So, you have to know the easy processes about how to install Mifold booster seat. Let’s cover the procedures.

  • You will see one button at a time in the two units on the bottom-front.
  • Unlock the sliding latches by pressing these two buttons.
  • Now place the seat belt anywhere there is a 3 point seat belt.
  • There is a long strap on the back of the car seat.
  • The Soldier Hook has a latch that allows you to adjust the length of the strap.
  • Pull down the shoulder belt.
  • Extend the belt a minimum of 1 inch wider than the child’s leg to get the proper position of your child.
  • Set the shoulder belt guide to the car seat belt.
  • Up and down the strap and fit it with your child’s shoulder.
  • Now pull the car seat belt and buckle it traditionally.
  • Passes the lap belt across your kid’s upper legs and ensure you fit the belt flat.
  • Finally, tighten the straps and lap belt. Don’t forget to check the car seat belt. 

Is Mifold Car Seat Safe for 4 Years Child?

Mifold backless booster seat is safe for four years children. Booster seats are primarily designed for kids ages 4 to 12. Mifold is a backless booster seat. So, your four year’s child is safe in this seat. This seat is crash tested for children at 40 pounds. This means you can use this portable booster seat if your child weighs 40 pounds before the age of four. Safe height and weight recommendations for a Mifold booster seat are given below:

  • Minimum age: 4 years.
  • Minimum weight: 40 pounds.
  • Minimum height: 40 inches.
  • Maximum age: 12 years.
  • Maximum weight: 100 pounds.
  • Maximum height: 59 inches.

We recommend using a booster seat for a minimum of five years old children. Because a five-year-old child fits properly in a booster car seat, this rule is the same for the Mifold.

Are Mifold Booster Seats Legal Worldwide?

Mifold booster car seat is legal in most of the countries. We know that the car seat law is most followed in the UK and Canada. And Mifold backless booster seat is legal in both of the nations. There are enough retailers in Canada and the UK to buy this booster seat. Moreover, it has been approved in different countries, including the USA and China.


  • It is a safe booster car seat.
  • User-friendly car seat.
  • Provide a good height, weight and age recommendation.
  • Legal in many countries, including the USA, UK and China.
  • Easy to fit with the regular car seat belt.
  • Provide 100% comfort with an extra padded seat cushion.
  • Durable and sturdy car seat.
  • Lightweight and affordable.
  • Best for versatile use.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Provides seven years of expiration.
  • An excellent seat for long term use.


  • It needs proper practice to install correctly.
  • Kids may need assistance.
  • Not a good deal for everyday use.

Final Word

We are finally at the end of our article. We try to describe everything about Mifold car seat. You find a good amount of Mifold car seat safety reviews on amazon. If you buy this product, we assure you that you won’t lose. And you don’t get something affordable and lightweight booster seat like this one in the market. For those who want a long-lasting, cheap booster seat, this is the best option.