The Most Beloved How to Make Seat Cover for Car Products

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Making a seat cover for a car is not an easy job. We will not give you false hope. There are many instruments and materials required to make a seat cover. Though it is a complex job, it allows you to make your own style baby or adult car seat cover. Moreover, a good-quality car seat cover’s price is high. Learning how to make seat cover for car can save some of your extra money.

You will find various types of DIY car seat cover project inspirations on the internet. Internet will help you to decide the basic color and design. If you want to purchase fabric, you can estimate its quality also. An attractive and fitting car seat cover can protect your car’s interior.

We have made long research and are finally able to make the easiest way to make your own car seat cover. Then arrange the instruments and start working.


Most moms know the instruments require making or sewing a dress or whatever it is a car seat cover. We have listed them for a better reminding:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Flexible elastic tape.
  • Pins
  • Scissor
  • Iron
  • Patience

The last one is a very much important requirement. You must keep patience and be confident to make a cover. You can arrange some low sound music system while working. As a result, you will not feel any stress while working.

How to Make A Car Seat Cover with Elastic?

Fabric choosing is a common problem between parents. There are various types of fabrics for dresses and covers. Woven or cotton fabrics are good for the car seat cover. You can use twills fabrics because they are also good. The size of the fabric should be 1.75 yards for both the back and front parts. At least, you must take 1.5 yards.

Measure Car Seat

You should begin the project by measuring the interior car seat. The depth, length, height, and width of every part of the seat should be measured. Measurement tape helps you do this task fluently. Don’t forget to note those dimensions.

If you can arrange a cheap cover for your car seat, it will help you to measure the dimension of the cover easily.

Cut Fabric

Since you have the actual measurement of the seat, you can cut the fabric based on the dimensions. Grab a scissor and starts cutting. The easiest way is going to cut along the seams. It helps to make the pattern more accurate. This will be most accurate if you tear the stitches. However, having extra fabric doesn’t hurt for any mistakes you may make.

You can adjust the fabric after sewing as you needed. So, if you cut long fabric, don’t worry. Avoid cutting less fabric than the measurement.

Make Pattern

Making a pattern is a simple step that everyone can do. Take some regular paper or tissue paper to make the pattern. You have to art your desired pattern on it. You can use a marker or pencil or a colorful chuck.

If you are willing to use the same pattern again, then we recommend a thick durable paper because the tissue paper comes out quickly with repeated use. There is a type of white paper available in tailor shops which they use to make cloth. It is better to use those papers for making patterns.

Once the pattern is marked on the paper, cut the paper along the label. The below images help you to get a clear idea of the pattern.

  Pattern    Fabric Cutting Chart

The next picture helps you to make a pattern for a baby car seat cover. It is specially designed for the Britax car seat cover.

Britax Car Seat CoverBritax Pattern

Follow the above images and label based on your requirement as the image shows. The above images help you to understand how to make a car seat cover pattern.

Cut Pattern

This part is a fun task. You are going to cut your car seat pattern here. Go near the car seat and place the pattern using pins to analyze the perfect size and adjustment. Trim the cloth across the pins with a scissor, permitting approximately an inch to your seams. Mark the locations wherein the seat belt comes through the seat cover.

Sew Cover

Use the sewing machine to sew the stitches where you pinned. If you are worried about durability, double sew the seams and sew the upper part around the seat belt. You can use elastic to extend the bottom of the seat. It will ease turning the cover on and off.

Deploy Elastic

Elastic helps you to easily remove and set up the cover around the seat. Sewing elastic is pretty simple. You have to insert the elastic and sew the elastic casing. Fold the bottom part from 1/2 of an inch to 1 inch and stitch flippantly across the seat, leaving approximately an inch seamless so you can insert the elastic.

Each person uses a different method to insert the elastic. Some use a pin to insert the elastic tape and some use the cap of a pen to do this. It is one’s own preference. Adopt the way you feel comfortable.


Finally, you have completed this job. When your car seat cover is ready, don’t forget to iron it. You should know the direction of the fabric before ironing.

How to Make a Car Seat Cover from a Towel?

The interior of a car seat looks old if car seat looks old. You can transition the old look using a new towel. A towel will provide a live look always. Moreover, this method will be most useful when you go to the beach. Let’s know how you do this.

  • Place the beach towel over the car seat and adjust by flatting.
  • Fold the towel from the back of the headrest like the image.How to Make Seat Cover for Car Products
  • Tie the folding parts around with cotton string. Try to give a nit look.How to Make Seat Cover for Car Products
  • You can also tie the towel like the image below. It helps you to cover the seat very fast.Tie Image

Final Words

You will have complete control to make your own slipcovers. You can choose every material of your cover. So, the quality, color, patterns, and everything meet your satisfaction. As well as, you can save some extra money. Where purchased car seat covers have certain styles and designs, you can include endless designs and colors in your own custom-made car seat covers.

All the benefits and instruction have been given. If you can complete this project, don’t forget to share it with us.