The Fascinating Methods of How to Install Car Seat Covers with Hooks

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Over time, your car interior and other upholstery start to fade. However, the car seat cover fades the fastest. Proper maintenance can enhance the lifespan of cover for some days, but you need to change it after a time. Who doesn’t like the new look of their car interior? If you like, you must know how to install car seat covers with hooks because the cover will stick to the seat through the hook.

The car seat cover is a simple interior accessory. You don’t have to worry too much about installing it. The method is quite easy and straightforward. Bring your new next car set cover. This discussion will make your job easy. Just mind maintaining the proper shape and good material of the cover.

How to Install Car Seat Covers with Hooks

Pre-purchase Decision

In the beginning, you have to choose the cover keeping in line with the seat measurement. The material quality of the cover is also important as the shape measurement. We don’t recommend buying a low-quality or mid-quality cover to save some money. Later it was seen that the new cover had faded in a short time. Then you have to spend money again. This money spending loop will never end if you buy a low-quality cover.

You also have to decide the type of car seat cover. You have two options mainly, universal and custom seat cover. Universal car seat covers have been designed to fit all car seats universally. Custom covers are only made for a specific vehicle. It costs more because it is more customized than the universal car seat. Let’s discuss the basic methods of car seat cover installation.

How Do You Put on Car Seat Covers with Hooks?

Make sure you take a fitting car seat cover. If you go through the middle of this process and see that cover does not fit with the seat, another problem might be created. After ensuring 100% measurement, proceed to install a car seat cover.

Front Seat 

  • Press a button that is located at the base and remove the headrest by pulling it straight up.
  • Some vehicles have armrests, whether some vehicles have null. If your vehicle has an armrest, pull it off. If there is no button, then undo the screw of the armrest.
  • Insert the upper part of the seat into the lower part of the cover and slide down firmly. Make sure that each line of the cover aligns the seat as you slide.
  • You will find a tag behind the cover for the airbag. Pull it tightly with the crease of your seat. Make sure the airbag is on the same side.
  • After fitting the cover properly, bring out the straps from the center of the cover.
  • Bring the strap bands from the bottom of the seat to the front and attach them to buckles to tighten and secure.
  • Adjust the seat’s base portion by tucking mesh materials. If you have clips, connect the elastic loops using clips underneath the seat.
  • Reinstall the headrest on the top of the seat.
  • Loosen the fabric shell attached to the hook and loop at the top of the cover, and seal it.
  • If there is no loop at the top, create two small cuts and set the headrest.
  • Set the side elastic loops with an S-hook. It will provide a snug fit for the seat cover.

Rear Seat

Rear seat cover installation is close to the front seat.

  • At first, remove the headrest the same way for front seats.
  • Cut the cover to accommodate seat belts. Don’t cut more than necessary. Alignment is crucial while installing a car seat back cover.
  • Wrap the cover from the top of your seat, ensuring alignment with the bottom.
  • If there is no headrest entry, cut some area at the top using an Exacta knife. Otherwise, not necessary.
  • If the back seat’s headrest comes with a bar, create two small cuts at the top and set the headrest.
  • Ensure the proper alignment using a card or something else. You may need to tighten elastic loops with a hook.
  • Buckle all the straps to ensure a secure fit.

The car seat cover installation cost is similar to the car seat cover only. You don’t require any additional items for this job. You don’t need to hire any experts. The cost of a car seat cover depends on your choice, style, and preference.

How to Install Car Seat Covers with Hooks

How to Install Universal Car Seat Covers?

Universal car seat covers are comparatively lower than customized car seat covers. Now, we try to highlight the process of installing universal car seat covers from Browning, Realtered, Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, Hook, Krypto, and more. Don’t worry; it will be an easy procedure.

  • Arrange all the tether clips first.
  • Undo the tether straps of the cover and attach the clips to them.
  • Pull the cover over the seatback.
  • Push the anchor between the area of the seat back and the base location. You have to move the seat forward to make this task easy.
  • Now, cover up the base.
  • Attach the clipped straps under the front of the seat and around the seat’s back.

Does AutoZone Install Seat Covers?

AutoZone is an industry that sells automotive parts and different accessories. You can buy anything related to your vehicle. If you have the local AutoZone shop in your area, you can take cover delivery for free.

AutoZone’s services are quite good. If you ask for any help from them, they help you for sure. If you buy a cover from them and face any difficulties while installing, you can ask for their help. However, if there is no AutoZone in the local area, it will be tough to get any help related to the car seat cover installation.

How Long Install Car Seat Covers?

Both front and rear car seat installation duration required almost two hours. The process sounds similar but is time-consuming. You have to remove the existing cover first, then replace the cover. That time is a prediction for every person. We don’t think it takes more than one hour for an expert.

Final Verdict

We don’t know how much this article will help you install a car seat cover. However, we hope that the installation process will enhance the speed of your task.

An important reminder: Car seat cover tends to interfere with the airbag. So, ensure the placement of the airbag at the beginning. The user manual will provide you with this information.