Best Graco Car Seat Footrest Review 2020

Well, you need good quality footrest for your car. Footrests are nothing special I can tell you. However, when you get good quality footrest for you, there are multiple benefits. But what are they? Most of the time, it acts as comforting equipment for toddlers. Sometimes, the footrest can help the driver too. Anyway, if you are willing to buy a good quality footrest for your car, you are always looking for a good brand. It’s true that there is a lack of information about footrest on the web and finding the best brand is tough. No need to worry, as we are going to talk about Graco car seat footrest in this particular content. We will mention some basic things about Graco and also show you some of the best models from Graco.

Is Graco Car Seat Footrest worth Your Investment?

Sure it is worth your investment. When you are purchasing any product, you are always looking for trustworthy and authentic information. Not to mention, you are always looking for an authoritative source for your choosing. The thing may be customer reviews, FAQ’s, buyer guidelines, and many more. When the source information is enough to make you happy, you will get value for your investment.

Graco is a reliable brand. They are not only making footrest. Mainly, they are car seat manufacturer and they are always coming with other car seat products. What’s great is the versatility they have to offer. You can choose 30 to 40 models of the footrest and all of them offer different features and supports. So, it is worth your investment as you get various options from them.

What Factor Should You Check Before Purchasing a Graco Car Seat Footrest?

Before buying just about any product – you need to stay calm and think about some important factors. These choosing factors mainly depend on your choice and the adaptation of the product with you. So, before you purchase any car seat footrest from Graco, then you should buy the best one available. Graco has introduced a lot of footrest products over the year. Not every product is so good for you. So, what do you need to check out before you purchase any product from Graco?

When you are searching for information online, you need to think about some important factors. Yes, just factors, not features. Because factors include customer reviews or ratings. That is why checking out the important factors are important. Now, what should you check?

  • The construction material and durability of the footrest
  • Does the footrest offer versatility or not?
  • The size is an important thing and looking for the universal fit is good.
  • Check out the warranty
  • Customer reviews can give a good idea about the product in whole.

Some of the Best Car Seat Footrest from Graco Reviews

Just like we said, Graco has been making a lot of footrests. So, choosing worthy models are kind of tough. Well, we are not implying that the others are bad. Rather, its the quite opposite and we mean the best out of those ones. Just to make your choice easier. So, here are some of the best footrests from Graco.

1.      BONAIR OUTFITTERS Airplane Travel Bed

They say it’s an airplane traveling bag, and you can let your kids sleep while traveling. However, you can still use this one as a comfortable footrest for your car. Yes, we know it is mainly for kids. And when you purchase a footrest, the versatility is a big thing to have. This one is adjustable and also inflatable. So, traveling gets easier with the footrest. Not to mention, the 3-tier and the 2 chambers keep your feet easy. Mostly for the kids, this is a foot resting pillow and for the parents, this is a versatile and portable footrest. One thing we should mention that the product is leakproof. Many parents may wonder about the leakage problem. No need to worry about small attacks. But yes, if you are using sharp objects, the pillow will face some problems.  

They say this footrest is mainly for airplane travel. However, you can easily use the pillow on any car. The footrest is adjustable and quite lightweight. As the pillow is inflatable, you can reuse and carry it anywhere you want with ease. Overall, this is a wonderful car seat footrest that offers great support and versatility. Anyway, if you do want to purchase this one, we should remind you that the product is not aviation approved. Yes, they say this one is a model solely for riding on an airplane. However, they have not tested it on airplanes.


  • Very easy to install
  • Leak-proof and safe to use 24 hours
  • Inflatable, portable, lightweight and versatile
  • Comes with a pump


  • Not aviation approved

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2.  Portable Travel Footrest

Going for the best portable option is always a great choice. Yes, most of the footrest comes with a car seat. So, if you are looking for an easier car seat footrest for your kid, this one can be a great choice. Mainly the design of this footrest makes it great for your kid. Weighs just around 5 ounces and the footrest is super lightweight. And the design of this footrest lets you use it on just about anywhere you want. To simply put it, you can hang the footrest on the tray table of your car and enjoy the ride. Also, you can carry the footrest inside your luggage or travel bag with ease.

One thing to be precise, this footrest is made off the fabric. That’s why the footrest is so good for carrying around. Not to mention, using the footrest in different places is easy. And this versatility makes it one of the best picks on our list.


  • Very easy to install
  • Best portable options
  • Lightweight and can easily carry inside your luggage
  • Saves you a lot of space


  • Nylon Construction is not durable

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Portable Travel Footrest


3.    KneeGuardKids2 Car Seat Footrest

If you have a booster seat and don’t have any footrest on it, you are in trouble. Well, booster seats do come with a footrest. However, if your footrest is broken, you need to purchase another one. That is where the Kneeguardkids2 comes in. The product is checked and quality checked so that it can provide the maximum comfort and stability for your kids. Mainly, the footrest is made using plastic. That is why the product is quite lightweight and sturdy. Also, that’s why the footrest is portable. Easily adjust the car footrest, when you need it.

Adjust according to your kid’s height and size. So, this is a great compatible footrest for booster seats. You don’t get too much in this time. The best thing about the footrest is the installation system. You don’t need to worry about any tools and just think about attaching it with the seat. Booster seats come with a LATCH system. You can attach the car seat footrest with it. Most kids are always kicking from backseat due to discomfort. Adjust the footrest depending on the situation and comfort zone.


  • Lightweight and made of plastic
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Compatible with any booster seats
  • Easy to install and adjusting options
  • Saves your kid from backseat kicking


  • The sturdiness needs a bit work

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KneeGuardKids2 Car Seat Footrest


4.    Booster Seat Footrest for Children and Babies

Booster car seats are expensive. So, when the footrest of the seat is broken, you cannot afford another one. Looking for a reliable car seat footrest can be the easiest solution, but there are little products out there. Well, this plastic made footrest is one of the best footrests for any booster car seat.  The product is safe to use, and very easy to install. You don’t need any special tools to install the footrest. Just attach it with the LATCH on your car seat. Well, the product does come with some massive flaws. For the first part, it is quite heavy. But booster seats are always heavy.

Now, let’s think about the important parts of this footrest. The footrest is flexible and adjustable. Adjust your footrest according to the height and size. Also, carrying the car seat is one of its major pros. You don’t get a lot of footrests in the market. Most of them are plastic made and this one is too. But the construction material is completely safe for your baby.


  • Sturdy and durable plastic construction
  • Safe to use
  • Compatible with any booster seat
  • Easy storage option and portable
  • Easy to install 


  • Heavy footrest

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Booster Seat Footrest for Children and Babies

Final Verdict

It’s tough to find another footrest. There are times when you may need to purchase a footrest for your car seat separately. And that is when all the problems begin. Searching online, you are looking for Graco car seat footrest but there are no reviews. To help you with the problem, we have come up with 4 of the best car seat footrest from Graco. Depending on your budget and usage, you can pick any one of these footrests.

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