Cosco Scenera Next convertible car seat

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Cheap and good is a complex combination in the car seat market. A good car seat depends on various factors. The real truth is, the higher the budget, the better the quality of the product. And it is also true that most consumers have very tight budgets.

When someone is looking for the best baby car seat under $100, he may struggle a lot. Nobody expects a lightweight, safe, convertible car seat under $100. Some exceptional brands like Cosco car seat make it true. This brand has the Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat, which is ridiculously cheap and one of our favorite choices.

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Brand Cosco
Model Name Scenera Next
Orientation Convertible car seat
Harness Type 5 point harness
Max Weight Recommendation 40 pounds
Item Weight 10.39 pounds
Special Feature Cup holder, lightweight


Cosco Scenara car seat is made for the family. It is a convertible car seat that means you can convert this seat into different modes. You can convert Cosco convertible car seats into two modes, infant and toddler.

Keeping the little kid secure, it offers a 5-point harness easy adjustment. It provides adjustable head support also. You can remove this head support when your toddler sits on here.

Since it has infant mode, you can use it as a rear-facing car seat. You can convert it into a forward-facing car seat also for your toddler.

Cosco Scenera Next Car seat holds up to 40 lbs. It is absolutely a lightweight convertible car seat compare to others. It weighs only 10.39 pounds. The seat is narrow, easy to carry, and fits small infants well.

It offers a compact design for the users. It is safe and user-friendly for any travel. If you travel in the car daily with your infant, it won’t make you dissatisfied. The design of the car seat is very minimalistic. The moon mist, black, gray color combination seem more pretty with it.

The expiration date is not tension for baby car seats. All the good brands have provided 5 to 10 years expiration to all their car seat. Cosco scenera next convertible car seat expiration date is printed on a sticker on the seatback. The seat will expire 8 years after the manufacturing date.

Safety is a concern for parents. The statistic says that cheap baby car seats cannot provide better safety for kids. The situation is entirely different here. It is an FAA-approved baby car seat. It meets all the baby seat safety requirements.


  • Cosco car seat scenera next is not expensive and is one of the most budget-friendly baby car seats in the market.
  • Installing Cosco car seat in rear and forward-facing is pretty easy. You can install it both with lower LATCH connectors and seat belts.
  • It offers 5 point harness system and removable car seat headrest.
  • Just 17 inches wide, the Cosco scenera allows you to install three car seats in the back row of your car.
  • Under $100, it is a smart light car seat. You can easily carry it on the plane. It is FAA approved for air travel.
  • Cosco scenera next car seat comes with a cupholder. Amazingly, the manufacturer managed to put a cup holder inside this narrow and light seat. Without any doubt, it is a more brilliant car seat.


  • It does not provide side impact protection and energy-absorbing foam.
  • The top harness slot is not so long.
  • The shortness of the beginning of this seat, the long legs will feel very sweaty before the kids hit the weight limit.

How to Adjust Cosco Scenera Next Car Seat?

  • Turn the seat over and slide the metal retainer through the seat.
  • Put it back in the desired slot. Several locations are placed on the seat for a different size.
  • It is best to use the first or second slot to adjust the buckle.
  • Loosen down the harness and take off the harness loops from the seatback.
  • Choose the correct harness position based on your baby height.
  • Rethread and reattach the harness loop from the back seat.

Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat Installation

There are two ways to install the scenera next convertible car seat. Before installing, make sure to read your vehicle’s manual. Let’s discuss the process one by one.

Upright Installing Using Seat Belt

  • Pull and route the vehicle belt through the rear-facing belt path.
  • Don’t twist the belt during pulling.
  • Finally, buckle the seat belt.
  • Make sure the baby car seat is appropriately tightened.
  • The car seat should not move more than one inch.

Installing Using Latch

Cosco allows latch installation in the center seating area if the vehicle manufacturer allows it and the latch anchor bars are at least 11″ away.

If your car has labeled Isofix, you can easily clip the lower anchors of the baby seat to install. Just pull and tighten the strap to keep the seat secure. You may need to drag the seat cover a little bit to pull the belt of the lower anchor.

Both installing methods are pretty easy and responsive.

Frequently Asked Question 

Are Cosco car seats safe?

Ans. Cosco knows that most families need a budget-friendly car seat and want the best protection for their children. Cosco car seats show more expensive models despite being as safe and even affordable.

Are Cosco car seats FAA approved?

Ans. Cosco car seats are safe and secure for every family. The Scenera Next is an FAA-approved car seat and also an excellent seat for flying.

How long are Cosco scenera car seats good for?

Ans. Cosco Scenera car seat comes with a long 8 years expiration time. After any crash, Cosco allows a replacement option for you. with a low price, good quality, and long expiry date, Cosco Scenera is a combo.

Final Verdict

The Cosco Scenera Next is a next-level convertible car seat for budget-conscious parents. It is one of the best deals under $100. When you scroll the Cosco scenera next convertible car seat reviews section, you will feel it.

Thanks to Cosco for bringing such a product to the market. It also makes a great travel seat because it is very light with a travel-friendly cup holder. Overall, it’s a good, basic seat for secondary use – as a backup to that little-used second car or your main seat.


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