How To Have A Fantastic Car Seat Tray With Minimal Spending

Car Seat Tray

Travelling is fun and enjoyable for the adults and kids. But, if there is no amusement in traveling everyone feels boring. But if a young child feels bored on a trip, that trip becomes a nightmare. You can relieve your child’s fatigue by playing video games or reading story books. But how long is that? It won’t be an easy task at all. But it can be easy if you use a car seat tray.

There is an easy way out. If your child reads his favorite books on his own or plays games on his mobile phone or watches a cartoon video, he will easily enjoy a boring journey. Again, if the baby ever gets hungry, he needs a proper place to eat in a car seat. So a review of all these aspects shows that a baby car seat tray is very important for every child when traveling.

This article is based on babies, toddlers and small-kids car seat tray. So, if you want to know about the baby car seat tray, then you are at the right place.

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Why Do You Need A Car Seat Tray?

You will need a car seat tray, when you go on a trip with your car and if you have a child with you. There are variants of a baby car seat tray like car seat activity tray, car seat back tray table, car seat organizer with tray, snack tray, etc. We will talk about them later. If the trip you are going is not long, then there is not much need for a car seat tray. However, in most cases, you should take a car seat tray for a pleasure trip.

Whatever it is a short or long trip, you may need a car seat tray because it has benefited in many ways.

  • Do you know about car seat tray table? These types of tray table are very helpful for feeding. Nowadays, you will get all the car seat tray as a eating table. There are also extra storages for keeping cup holders, water bottles. Some of them are known as car seat snack tray. Your child can have his snack easily on the trip.
  • Currently car seat trays have tablet holders. So, your baby can use it as an entertaining center. He can easily put the tablet and watch any types of entertaining video.
  • Kids always like to play. So they always have toys, toy cars, dolls with them. They need to play indoors or outdoors or on any trip, wherever they are. Since children have a lot of toys, it is a little difficult to carry them. So if you have a car seat tray with organizer, you can easily carry the toys. Because, it has many mess pockets and storages to keep necessary toys and baby accessories.
  • You can store many things in a car seat tray. In the moment of travel, it is very convenient to keep all the things that your child enjoys in one place. Car seats that can be transformed into bag packs are comparatively better.

Different Types of Travel Tray

I think there are specially three types of car seat tray. Three of them are good, but there are some differences among them. And, I want to disclose the differences here very shortly.

  1. Lap Tray

Lap tray is the best option for school-aged child. This tray has not any attachment option. So, you cannot secure it in the back seat. It is not secure for little kids. If you have older kids, you can buy it. If you travel by plane, you will find lap tray convenient.

2. Secured Car Seat Travel Tray

These trays are more secure than other trays and specially designed for little kids. It has straps and you can lock it to the car seat or the back of the child by the straps. This car seat tray has the best balance ever.

3. Advanced Car Seat Trays

Advanced trays are known as car seat activity trays. Kids can learn here and play here. It has enough surface to play, read and write. These types of car seat tray are versatile. You can use it as a travel tray, organizer tray. You can fold it also and transfer as a backpack. This car seat tray is more convenient.

Are Car Seat Trays safe or not?

The accident will not let you know. It will happen suddenly. And a car seat is not something that can save your child from an accident. No matter how strong they are, they will break down in the event of a major accident and on that time, it pains a lot.

And when it comes to safety, car seats are more important than trays. Since I am not an expert of car seat and car seat related accessories. But I personally recommend soft products always. Soft items are accurate for any situation and they are not dangerous at all.

So, when you try to buy a car seat tray, choose the lightweight one.

Best Brands of Card Seat Travel Tray

There are many good brands are available in the market. If I try to make a list, it won’t finish. So, I don’t give any list here. You will get a list of the best car seat travel trays here. If you are in a hurry, then you can buy Babyseater US, Star Kids, Kids Bright company travel trays without searching more.

In my opinion, these company trays are the best. I personally love these company. Most of the users recommend their trays because they are durable, versatile, and they come with more functionality.

Things Need to Consider Before Buying

  • Storage Option: The kids have to carry toys, books and other things with them when they go for a walk and they need enough space to keep them. So, if there is enough storage in tray, it becomes very easy to keep baby accessories. So, storage option is a very important matter.
  • Maintenance: Kids are masters at messing things up. They can easily break or destroy anything. So, when we buy a tray we have to choose a component that is not easily dirty.
  • Sidewalls: Sidewall is also an important matter. It helps to keep all the things in one spot. So, you should buy a car seat tray with high-sturdy side wall. It will reduce your extra work.


In conclusion, car seat trays are a must for a pleasant trip. They are extremely safe and easy to carry. But every tray is not compatible with every car seat. So you need to buy a tray that is compatible with your car seat. There are some seats that are universally made for every car. Whatever you choose, all of them are good and tested quality and safety standards.

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