Car Seat Lap Tray: All You Need to Know

car seat lap tray 

Those who regularly travel with kids know how hard to keep the little one busy and happy for the entire journey. When they feel bored, the journey can be a hassle for parents. So, it is important to keep them occupied in the journey. You do not need to search highly to find a solution. A car seat lap tray can serve, in that case, as a life changer.

Life changer sounds very strong compared to the product. But those who use car seat trays know how useful it is. For many parents, it is impossible to control a little kid during the journey. We understand that if children hold a tablet and watch cartoons, they stay calm. However, we can’t say how long the mobile given to the child will survive.

The hint is enough for the wise to know what may happen next. We have done all the research for you to find the best car seat lap trays for car seats. You can check them out. If you want to know more about car seat trays, we assure you that this article provides you with lots of valuable information.

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What Is A Car Seat Lap Tray?

A kids travel tray is an absolute lifesaver for bored kids, and it’s a great thing to buy for any type of trip, but especially helpful for long car trips. These are also known as toddler car seat trays or children’s car seat trays.

Some car seat trays are specially designed for air travel. This type of travel tray is very important for those who want to travel abroad whenever they get a holiday. Otherwise, all the passengers of the plane keep an eye on you for your child’s mischief. Why would you be embarrassed in front of a lot of people for a little $25 to $30, right?

Yes, you get the right point. A lap tray for car seat only costs $20 to $30. And if you can make a DIY car seat lap tray, then it is much better. There are some important and entertaining features a car seat travel tray has. All in all, a travel tray will not only be considered a life changer for you but also your kid’s best friend.

What Does A Car Seat Tray Offer?

The number one rule while traveling with a child is to keep them engaged. As travel time increases, things get more complex. Boredom can cause frustration, anger and irritation for young children. Having a car seat travel tray will reduce the chances of your child getting upset and frustrated.

Moreover, a car seat tray is not just a tray. It has a versatile use. A kid’s travel tray offers many things. All of the features together make it a kid-friendly travel tray.

Activity Table

All the car seat trays have a flat and sturdy surface. Your child can play with their toys, create a puzzle, read a book or watch a movie on the table. There are some small good quality toys that you can hang or arrange on a travel tray as a travel companion for children. You can find some suitable toys from here.

You will also find a dry eraser board that helps your kid to write alphabets. Practicing some informative words while traveling will help your child develop intelligence and keep engaging. Kids can also draw some scenarios on the board. Some trays contain exciting puzzles.

Eating Tray

Be sure to feed your child something in the middle of the street when you go out on a trip. We know that no parents allow their child will cry for hunger. But without a travel tray, it is very tough to avoid stale fries between seats and car seat carpets.

Having a food tray makes it much easier to clean up after your baby in the car. Actually, you don’t need to clean anything. You can simply let their food sit on a stable surface. There is no possibility of your car seat getting dirty.

Cup Holder and Tablet Holder

Your kids may not want to write or draw on the board, but they cannot reject the proposal of watching cartoons on the tablet. So, a transparent tablet holder is great storage to keep the tablet inside it. This makes it easy to enjoy the video on the tablet.

You can also place an iPad inside the tablet holder. The tablet holder will keep your expensive tablet safe from the dangerous little hand. The kid’s hands are dangerous because they can break or lock the tablet within a few seconds.

During the long journey, the little ones get thirsty again and again. The cup holder helps to keep a water bottle or water pot near to the little hands. Such a feature is handy to make your extra work easier.


A car seat tray is like a second bedroom. What things are in the baby bedroom? Toys, pencils, coloring books, markers, tablets and other toys. You can also put these things in the car seat tray. A tray offers multiple storages to keep baby accessories organized. However, even if you can’t keep as much as a room, enough items for travel can be arranged in a very simple tray.

And there are tablet holders to fill the absence of TV.

Quick Pick

There are many car seat travel trays in the market. You will find the Top 15 car seat travel tray here. If you don’t have enough time, you can pick Lusso Gear Kids and Kenly Kids travel tray. Both the lap trays provide all the features we have described above.

Don’t ask that what is the best travel tray. No product is the best product in the market. Best options do not perform like a best for everyone. But Lusso Gear and Kenly kids both are trendy lap tray for car seat. 

They are easy to clean, and there are many pockets to keep baby items organized. And the most important thing, both of the car seat trays are free from toxic elements.

Kenley Kids Car Seat Lap Tray

Without any doubt, Kenley kids build the best lap tray in the market. You Must have a critical question, why? We have a simple answer; it meets all safety standards. All the lap trays are durable and safe in the market. There is no argument in this case. Keenly kids travel tray is extremely crash-tested to ensure safety.

It includes every feature of a car seat tray such as cup holder, tablet holder, lap surface, wall, mesh-pockets, drawing pens, etc. The heavy-duty buckles ensure the tray is fitted in the proper place. The manufacturers are proud to serve such a brilliant product to the parent.

How to Make A DIY Car Seat Lap Tray?

Making a DIY car seat lap tray is not so easy. It is very easy to make for those who can sew clothes. But for others, attaching a zipper is impossible to do. However, almost all girls indeed know how to sew. So, the steps of making a lap tray will help many parents.

Items you need

  • Cookie sheet.
  • Spry and craft paints.
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Sewing machine.
  • 2 pieces of cookie sheet sized scrap fabric.
  • Sticky Glue.

Step -1

At first, you have to sand the non-stick finish of the cookie sheet. You can then paint the sheet of your choice with a painter. If you can arrange a soft and colorful cookie sheet, then that will be much better.

But if you don’t want to face a peeling problem with the paint, use sandpaper and primer.


The crafting time begins. It is not fundamental. If you love to add crafts and make the lap tray more eye-catchy, you can try some acrylic craft paints. It enhances the beauty of the tray.


Now, create a cushion to glue the bottom of the tray. That helps to keep the road trip travel track stable and in Alison’s lap. 


You have to make something like a pillow. To make this, you need some colorful fabric and a bean bag. The design does not matter here. You can choose any fabric based on your choice. But the size of the cookie sheet must be adhered to when cutting the fabric. You can easily cut the fabric by measuring the bottom of the sheet.

Don’t try to cut the printed fabric from the first try. Cut an old fabric at first. Then cut the printed fabric to the size of the old cloth. This will help to make the perfect shape.


It has to be sewn a lot like a pillow cover. If you have any previous ideas, you can easily make them. You can get many ideas from Pinterest. You can choose a suitable fabric pattern from there also.


Before sewing the total fabric, fill the cushion with the bean bag stuffing. Don’t fill the fabric with more bean bags. After filling the bean bag correctly, close the opening using a needle and thread.


This is the last step. Put some sticky glue to the bottom of the tray to stick with the cushion. Leave it for a few hours to dry.

Now, the DIY lap tray is ready to use. It takes a lot of time to make such a tray. Suppose you finally complete the making, but can you ensure the lap tray you have made is durable and safe enough? It is not possible for any person if she is not professional. So, it is good to buy a new car seat lap tray from the market.

Final Words

That was it for today! Hope this article about car seat lap tray has helped you get information about car seat trays and make happy and busy your kid in the car next time you travel. You’ll never know the wonders of the Kids Travel Tray until you’ve bought one.

So, dive in and get one for your next road trip! This will make the journey more bearable and easier for you, and your little one will be constantly entertained.