Why Is Car Seat Comfort Footrest Considered Underrated?

Car Seat Comfort Footrest

Do you believe that car seat footrests are underrated? We believe, and from today you will also believe it. Since car seats are widely used, either users or manufacturers don’t recommend car seat footrests for children. Some people purchase it when they feel they need it.

Is a footrest such kind of stuff that you will buy otherwise not when you need it? A footrest ensures the kid’s proper leg support, which reduces disturbance of blood circulation and proper balance of muscle tone. If you have minimum knowledge about Kid’s motor development, you should feel its importance. But practically, most parents are not aware of it, and car seat manufacturing companies don’t care about it.

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Why Is Car Seat Comfort Footrest Considered Underrated?

Imagine having a great time with your family on a long drive. But after a while, your little kid is crying a lot but couldn’t find any reason behind it. You thought of all the possible reasons behind it but couldn’t figure out. Have you ever thought about the car seat, which could cause great discomfort to your little child? Yes, your car seat could be uncomfortable for your child. You may wonder how this could be. Well, here is the reason.

The legs of your child do not reach the floor of the car. So, those little legs become dangling and hanging in the air. It causes a problem in blood circulation, and as a result, the pain might be felt in the joint. And this is the reason behind the discomfort of your child. You may have been figured out that in long car journeys, your kids kick on the seat next to them.

You may never think of the reason behind it. You sometimes rebuke your child for doing this. But it is only a reflex of the body to turn the blood circulation on. They also may keep their feet on the seat sometimes while sitting. It also happens because of the body reflex while the legs cannot circulate the blood back.

Well, come to the solution now. There is a very easy solution for this. Use a footrest on your car seat where children or short people can leave their legs without any discomfort. It is also very much healthy for the body.

In Which Cases Do You Need to Use A Car Seat Footrest?

  • If your child kicks on the seat in front.
  • If they seat crossed leg on the seat.
  • If they put their legs on the armrest.
  • If they cry and show tantrums.

These happen because the knee gets stressed as gravity pulls downwards. If this pressure on the legs continues, this may bring pain. From instinct, children think they need to move their legs somewhere. That is why they sit by crossing their legs or moving their legs somewhere else, armrest or any higher place.

In the case of kicking the front seat, there is another explanation. When kids cannot move their legs for a long time in the car, there may be obstruction of blood circulation through the legs’ arteries. Especially while blood inclines to the body, finally, it gets much worse in long rides because blood arteries at the knee joint get pressurized for a long time sitting. Then kids feel unrest, desensitizing, and they have to make motions of their legs.

Sometimes they kick on the front seat. Kiddos do so because they intend to increase the blood circulation of their legs. It is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Is There Any Influence on Their Growth?

Simply sitting on the car seat for a long time may not affect your kids’ growth or development. But if it is too long and repetitions occur, it may affect the knee joint. If there develops irritation on the ossification points of the knees, then there may influence their growth. So, you should be cautious about your kids’ health and purchase car seat footrests.

Advantages of Using Car Seat Footrest

Here are some noteworthy advantages of using a car seat footrest:

  • It gives your children’s legs great support.
  • Prevents dangling of legs of your kids.
  • Prevents knee pain or desensitization of legs.
  • Makes the journey much more comfortable.
  • Allows your children to have a sound sleep.

Guide for Purchasing A Car Seat Footrest?

  • It should be comfortable.
  • It must be protective.
  • It must be long-lasting.
  • It should be easily fixable.
  • It should be cheaper.

You can easily buy car seat comfortable footrests from any car-related shop. But those are costly and not easily fixable, hard to adjust. In that case, there is an easy solution for this problem. How about making a footrest with your hand at home? Yes, using a pool noodle is easily possible to make a car seat footrest on a low budget at your home. This will be much more comfortable, cost-effective and this serves its purpose greatly.

How to Make Car seat footrest by Using Pool Noodles?

It is being said that pool noodles are just not only for having fun. Pool noodles are made of polyethylene foam, which is very lightweight and comfortable. There is a hole in the middle of the pool noodles. So, instead of letting your kid’s leg daggling in the air, you can easily make a footrest for them.

Firstly, you have to cut the pool noodle according to the width of your car seat. Then run a strap through the pool noodle hole and attach it to both sides of the car seat. Then the job is finished. Materials you need for this are a pool noodle, scissors, and a strap. It is the easiest DIY work.

It serves its purpose very well. It is comfortable and doesn’t get unjust as easily as the materials are not iron or steel; there is no chance of rusting. Keep in mind that the strap should be tightly tied to both sides of the seat. Otherwise, it may fall down.

Going on a long drive in free time with family is greatly enjoyable. We all love to spend time with our family. But on these trips, none of us wants our kids to feel pain in their knees or discomfort. For this, we need to install a footrest on our car seat. Purchasing and installing or adjusting a car seat footrest may be difficult as they are costly.

So, we can make our footrest at home by using a pool noodle. It is comfortable and cheaper and also serves its purpose greatly. So let our children have a very comfortable, painless, and happy journey with family by using a car seat footrest made of pool noodles. Happy journey to all!

Final Word

The car seat footrest is one of the most important baby travel accessories. Footrests are suitable for children between the ages of two and ten. To ensure proper leg support within that age limit, you must provide a footrest to your kid. We don’t know why people are not talking about it.

If only half of the importance of a car seat had been discussed with a car seat footrest, we would not need to write this article today. We hope you won’t get the wrong side.

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