Britax B Safe Infant Car Seat

Britax is a very popular brand in the U.S.A. We always buy good quality products when we go to buy something. But we are relatively more careful when buying things for kids. That’s why we are always looking for a trusted brand, and Britax is such a trusted brand. Britax car seats are one of the safest options for parents. For the baby, britax B safe infant car seat can be the best choice for the quality.

There are two Britax B safe baby car seats available in the market. One is Britax B Safe 35, and the other is Britax B Safe 35 Ultra. Both of the baby car seats are super cool and modern. Both of them are durable and high-quality car seats. But I know that you want to know about the safety of the Britax B Safe car seat. Trust me; it won’t disappoint you.

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Why Do You Love Britax B Safe Infant Car Seat?

You love Britax B Safe car seat because it is a user-friendly car seat. The more advanced the seat technology, the higher the car seat also. Britex B safe infant car seats are rich in modern technology. The most positive sections of this baby seat –

  • Protective foam shell around the baby’s head, neck, and torso.
  • Quick push and pull latch connectors.
  • Soft padding with entire car seat.
  • Spring-assisted comfort recline system.
  • Dual-level indicators for better secure installation.
  • Mom can remove the infant pillow.
  • There is a huge canopy to protect from the sun and rain protection.
  • High-quality fabrics.

Britax B Safe Weight and Height Limit

It allows you to carry a maximum of 35 pounds. So, this car seat is not for big babies. You can buy B Safe for newborns, toddlers, and infants. The minimum weight recommendation for this car seat is only 4 pounds. So, it is a perfect car seat for your newborn baby. If your child is over 35 inches tall, your child will not be able to sit on it.

Britax B Safe Rear Facing or Front Facing

As I said before, this baby seat is not for big babies. According to U.S. law, you cannot take your infant in the front-facing seat. A rear-facing seat is the best for babies. So, The Britax B Safe seat is designed to fit in the back seat of the car. That means it is a rear-facing baby car seat. If you need the front-facing or booster seat, you should choose the booster models of the Britax brand.

Difference Between Britax B Safe 35 and Britax B Safe 35 Ultra 

Both of the Britax B safe exceed all federal safety standards. There is a little bit of difference between them. In general, features of 35 are included in the 35 ultra. But the 35 ultra has some extra and more advanced features. Let’s make the difference-

  1. Side Impact protection

B-Safe 35 comes with Safecell Complete Side Impact Protection which has three elements. On the other hand, B-Safe 35 Ultra comes with Safecell Complete Side Impact Protection Plus, which has four elements. In addition, extra-padded Head Restraint is attached in the plus version.

  1. Harness Slot Positions

B Safe 35 Ultra has two more harness slots than B Safe 35. And there is a slight difference in their harness slot height. B safe has 5/7/9/11 inches harness slot height, and B safe ultra has 5.5/6.5/8/8.75/10/11 inches harness slot heights.

  1. Seat Weight

Britax B safe seat weight is 10 lbs. On the other hand, Britax B safe Ultra seat weight is 11.5 lbs.

  1. Cool Seat Fabric

There is no cold mesh fabric in any of the Britax car seats. You don’t get it from other competitors also. But in the 35 Ultra, you will get Cool mesh fabric. In the warm season, this makes your baby much comfortable than ever.