Booster Car Seat Age: Why Do You Really Need It?

Booster Car Seat Age

A rear-facing seat is compulsory for every newborn. Over time, the age and height of the children continue to grow. As long as your baby’s weight and height limits are exceeded, you will feel the importance of shifting your child in a forward-facing booster seat. But, before purchasing a booster seat, your baby must meet the car seat booster age. Some children grow faster in height or weight according to age. So, the parents may think that their child reaches booster car seat age.

To shift the child in a booster seat, the child must need a minimum maturity level. 5 years of age is considered the minimum booster seat age. A seat belt guide is also important to fit a booster seat. A 4-year-old child can’t use a seatbelt the way a 5-year-old child can. Manufacturers always provide booster seat requirements to their customers. Be sure to follow the instruction of car booster seat age before purchasing a booster for baby.

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Baby Car Seat Age Guide

There are four generations to choosing a proper car seat for your child. This guide also informs you of the booster car seat ages. Let’s proceed to the guide.

Generation-1: Rear-Facing Car Seat Age

A rear-facing car seat limits maximum for two years old child. This means that from Newborn to the age limit of 2 years, the child must use the rear-facing car seat. However, a higher rear-facing car seat is suitable for a child who outgrows before the age of two.

Generation-2: Forward-Facing Car Seat Age

A forward-facing car seat with a harness and tether is suitable until the baby ages 5. It is recommended for children between the ages of two and five. 

Generation-3: Kids Booster Seat Age

Now you can use a booster seat because your baby outgrows both front and rear-facing car seats. Tillage 5, you cannot prefer a booster seat even if your child meets booster seats height or weight recommendation. But most of the parents are facing this kind of issue. A booster seat with a five-point harness can provide a better solution for them. At the age of 12, your kid will be ready to use the adult car seat belt. So, after 12 years of age, your family doesn’t need a booster seat for home.

Some parents have asked about toddler booster car seat age. Usually, the booster seat does not fit in the booster seat. Because one year to 4 years age kids are called toddler, and rear-facing and forward-facing car seats suit them properly. So, those who are thinking of buying a booster seat for their toddler have to change the decision.

Generation-4: Seat Belt

Once your kid outgrows the booster seat, your baby is ready to use the car seat belt. He may be able to use a seat belt when he is 12 or 13 years old. There are also some other requirements for using a car seat belt. Your kid needs to meet all the requirements to use a seatbelt because safety is a concern here. You will find all the requirements in the car safety law.

Booster Car Seat Age Law

On August 8, 2013, the booster car seat law was passed. The booster seat law was made compulsory to ensure proper safety for older children. It is the latest amendment regarding booster car seats, and it is currently being followed. 

In this law, the minimum age car booster seat if the child is four years. A kid uses a booster seat on every drive until he or she is at least nine years old. However, the car seat manufacturer’s guide states that a child must use a booster seat until he or she is at least 12 years old. You should not get confused between these recommendations.

The booster car seat law specifies the weight and height of the child along with his age. 

  • Height: 4′ 9″ tall, which is around 145 cm.
  • Weight: 80 pounds which is around 36 kilograms.

Here is the main difference. Usually, children between the ages of 12 and 13 have this kind of height and weight. A 9-year-olds kid usually weighs less than 36 kg. So, keeping kid safety in mind, Booster Car Seat Manufacturer recommends using booster seats until 12 years old.

Booster car seats are extremely tested to protect kids. A booster seat can reduce the chances of injury by almost 60 percent. Every citizen must follow this rule. You will be fined if you neglect this law.

How to Use a Booster Car Seat Properly?

It is a pity that most people cannot use booster seats properly. They don’t know to install the booster seat properly. They don’t know how to check the seat is fake or not. Many people quickly knock down a durable item like a booster seat due to a lack of proper knowledge. 

Here are some essential tips about using a booster seat. After reading the tips, you can use a booster car seat properly. 

  • Check the expiry date before purchasing a new booster car seat.
  • Check the national safety standard sticker. It ensures the safety of the seat.
  • Check the seat on the company’s official website.
  • Properly check the full body of the seat. If you find any damaged part, replace it immediately.
  • Booster seats are tax-free. If the seller is asking for tax, then reject it.
  • Check the user manual guide of the vehicle and booster seat for proper installation and adjustment. 

Which Booster Car Seat Is The Best Option for Every Parent?

There are a huge number of booster car seats available in the market. It is tough to find the best booster seat. There is nothing best in the world. Different booster seats have different features. Overall, Britax booster seat frontier 85 is a good package for a family. Most of the parents prefer a booster seat with footrest. It is an adjustable booster seat with a footrest. I am not saying it is the best option, but it is a good option because many parents recommend it.

It is a comfortable and durable booster seat with an easy installation feature. It is an extremely crash-tested seat and meets safety standards. 


This article will clear all of your confusion about booster car seat age. A perfect booster car seat with a footrest is also suggested here. So, you don’t have to struggle to find a booster seat around the market. 

Baby safety is our main concern. Using a booster seat before perfect age cannot provide 100% safety to your child. So, even if the baby’s height or weight increases faster than age, wait until your child reaches the right age to use a booster car seat. And last but not least, make sure the seat has a harness system.