Best toddler car seat for travel

When you are talking with parents ready for traveling with their toddler, what should be the priority? Of course, we are not talking about a good place to relax and stay. A car seat is always a priority while traveling. Well, you don’t need a car seat in every city, but if you are going on a trip to Thailand or Mexico, taking one is not a bad idea. Anyway, finding the best toddler car seat for travel is not always easy. There are many popular products out there we can pick and talk about. But taking the considerations into your mind is important. Mainly, today I am going to talk about the basics so that you get a good idea about the product.

Why Do You Need a Toddler Car Seat for Travel?

For the safety of your child, you need to use a car seat. Well, this is the first thing we have for the answer. We are going to talk about the American FAA later on this content. Anyway, they recommend that you should use an infant restraint device while traveling. f your toddler is below 2 years, using a car seat is a must, especially when you are traveling via airplane.

Toddler car seat is hardy, and can keep your child on put.  Just to let you know, you don’t need to buy an additional car seat. That leaves you to your own choice. But for the safety of your child, you should get one.

Choosing the best toddler car seat rear facing

When you are looking for a car seat, you should look for the rear facing ones. Mainly there are three types of rear facing car seat. Now, we are going to talk about them in short.

Rear Facing only seat

  • Mainly for infants weighing up to 20 to 35 pounds
  • Small in size
  • Comes with handles to carry them
  • You can leave the base in the car. So, no need to install it al the time.
  • You can only use these for traveling

Convertible car seats

  • You can use these seats as rear facing and later on you can convert them to forward facing car seats. Can save money, and you can use these for a longer period.
  • They are not portable, and the base will stay inside the car.
  • Also, they are quite heavy.
  • Comes with 5-point harness for the shoulders, hips and between the legs

3-in-1 seats

  • You can use these seats as rear facing, forward facing and booster seats.
  • Can use the seats as long as possible
  • Don’t feature a carrying handle or separate base

What Type of Car Seat Should I get for My Child?

There are mainly three types of car seat for a toddler. They are the front facing car seat, rear facing car seat, booster seat. Some car seat support both front facing and rear facing. I would recommend that you look for the best toddler car seat rear facing. Anyway, now we need to talk about what type is perfect for what age.

Infants and toddler

Type of car seat

  • Rear facing
  • Rear facing convertible

All infant and toddler must get a rear facing car seat. Means if their age is less than 2 years, going for the rear facing car seat is the best option.


Type of car Seat:

  • Convertible forward facing
  • Forward facing car seats with harness

When your child has outgrown to use a rear facing car seat, going on with forward facing seats can be the best choice. Especially, you should use a forward facing one with harness as long as possible.

School Ages children’s

Type of car seat

  • Booster Car seat

When your child’s weight or height exceeds that of a forward facing car seat, you need to use a booster seat. When your child reached the height of 4.8 inches or more, you need a booster seat. Most forward facing car seat can hold 65 pounds of weight. If the weight exceeds 65 pounds, going for a booster seat is the best choice.

What things should I consider before purchasing a good quality toddler car seat?

Before purchasing a car seat, you need to go through with a thinking process. Mainly, this thinking process adapts with the comfort of your toddler. Here we are going to talk about the considerations you need to make before choosing the best toddler car seat for traveling.

  • Type of the car seat: We talked about the main type of car seat available in the market. Depending on your child’s age, weight and height, you will choose the perfect type of car seat.
  • FAA Approval: A car seat is not just for cars only. If you are traveling via airplane, FAA means Feeral Aviation Academy. As a convertible car seat is a great option for air travels, the product needs to be FAA approved. FAA approves certain car seat models depending on the weight of your child. Especially, child on 20 to 44 lbs. Check out if the seat is FAA approved or not.
  • Weight: A car seat should be sturdy and portable, but the seat needs to be lightweight. Looking for the best lightweight toddler car seat is always a must. I would recommend you get a car seat around 10 pounds of weight.
  • Width of the car seat: Checking out the width of the car seat is also important. Depending on which vehicle you are traveling is also a critical consideration. If you are looking for a car seat for airplane, I should inform you that a airplane seats width is around 14 to 23 inches. Check out the width of your car seat.
  • Convertible or not: You should check out if the seat is convertible or not. If you get one, yu can save a lot of your money alongside ensuring the safety of your child.

Tips on Installing a Car seat

  • Try to place the harness in the right slots
  • Making sure the harness is snug, and harness clip is placed right at the center of your child’s chest, alongside the armpit.
  • Ensuring that the seat is firmly installed in the car seat.
  • Install the car seat with a latch or locked seat belt.
  • Do not place a rear facing car seat in front of any vehicle that has an active front passenger air bag.
  • Check out the instruction manual that comes with your car seat
  • Install the seat in the right angle so that the head of your child does not flop forward. If the seat has built-in adjusters or angle indicator, check that out.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for the best toddler car seat for travel, it is not just about choosing the best model. You also need to make some critical considerations to choose a product. Today, I tried to tell you about the main considerations, and hope that now you will be able to choose the best one for your infant.

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