Top 3 Best Graco Infant Car Seats 2022

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Graco is one of the most popular car seat manufacturing companies. It has multiple car seats like 35, 35 LX, Snuglock, Snugride, SlimFit, Extend2Fit. Each series targets a different family. Some target those families who can afford premium baby car seats. Again, some series are designed in a budget-friendly way for mid-class families.

You should not be confused with these too many series names. Each series indicates unique features that will help you choose the best Graco infant car seat. Parents fall into confusion regarding safety and comfort while picking a car seat for their baby. Most of the time, this situation becomes more challenging.

We have prepared extensive reviews on Graco infant car seats based on kid safety features, child’s age, budget, and so many. Don’t worry; it will be straightforward to find a suitable one for your lovely child.

Table of Contents

1. Graco Milestone 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Gotham

The Graco Milestone is an adaptable car seat by an extremely long life. It could fit and protect kids from 5 – 100 pounds, otherwise up to 57 inches in height, otherwise up to the 10 year life period of the car seat. Through that enormous longevity, it might be the single-car seat you need.

Even better, the Graco Milestone has all the aspects that both kids and parents are in search of. The 5-point harness has 10 places to properly fit a growing kid over time, but modification is so fast plus simple it could be done through one hand plus no rethreading.

Key Features

  • Metal frame.
  • Three modes.
  • No-Rethread Harness.
  • 4-position recline.


  • Extra-long life, graded for kids from 5 – 100 pounds
  • Higher safety counting crash testing, side influence testing, plus temperature testing
  • Harness alteration is fast plus easy, through no rethreading
  • Seat cushion plus seat cover could be easily (and individually) eliminated for cleaning by no rethreading
  • In Right LATCH system fits quickly, by an audible click thus you know it is secure


  • Hard to convert among installation modes
  • Only two back-facing recline modes, plus only four recline levels generally

2. Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Coda, One Size

This is the maximum comfy seat planned for your child. It features protection straps and has been verified for safety criteria. Since it has diverse reclining locations, you will be capable to make your child comfortable. The seat fits flawlessly into your car plus has an easy toward install make. It is also easy toward washing using a washing machine.

Key Features

  • Latch Installation.
  • Metal material.
  • LATCH-equipped seat.


  • One of the finest convertible car seats that have been permitted by ‘The American School of Pediatrics as a tremendously safe auto seat for children and toddlers
  • Faultless for making your youngster sit rear-faced for an extensive period
  • Alters into a front-facing seat as your tiny one starts joining preschool
  • Equipped through EPS foam that efficiently sucks in energy thus safeguarding the child from side impacts
  • The harnesses could be accustomed up-front on five different points


  • Parents might have toward struggle fairly a bit to slide the back support as said by their kids’ suitability
  • The lack of a push back feature would be noticeably sensed by a great mainstream of parents

3. Graco SnugRide SnugLock Extend2Fit 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide SnugLock Extend2Fit 35 is an infant rear-facing car seat that is quite expensive. It meets the requirements of a single rear seat that fits newborns properly. It is only designed for newborns. So, you cannot use it for more than one year.

It includes a huge silent shade canopy! It has a satin section in the middle. So, you can easily pull up and down it without waking the baby. I can prove that it worked with my sleeping baby in the seat.

The recline indicator provides the result of a secure installation level. You can install this with and without the base. It is a very small and lightweight car seat. So, you can easily carry it with the one hand adjustable hand. They also don’t miss providing EPS foam in this car seat.

SnugLock Extend2Fit is an improved infant car seat, no doubt.

Key Features

  • 4-position extension panel.
  • Snug Lock Technology.
  • Safe Adjust Harness System.
  • Anti-Rebound Bar


  • Good rear-facing height limits.
  • Include InRight latch.
  • Provide level indicator.
  • Energy-absorbing foam.
  • Easy to remove and wash the cover.
  • Easy to carry because of ultra-lightweight.
  • Easy to adjust and recline.


  • Heavy as a bucket-style infant car seat.
  • Expensive and very premium.

Graco Protectplus Engineered

Graco ProtectPLus Engineered system is the best protection and safety technology of Graco. Their products are not strong internally, but externally every product seems durable. The ProtectPlus engineered system combines all-around protection for kids from the front, rear, left, right, everywhere. This advanced technology also ensures protection from roll-over crashes. Other brands try to ensure FAA approval. We think Graco’s security is far better than those FAA standard limits. 

Besides protection, ProtectPLus was tested for extreme temperature. After summarizing, it feels like the Under Water jail of MCU that nobody can break. With the help of 5-point Harness, the balance, adjustment, and protection it creates are unbelievable. 


What is Graco True Shield Technology?

Ans. Car seats equipped with TrueShield technology provide enhanced side-effect protection from your child’s head to buttocks. Graco designed this technology for their car seats based on European R129 testing standards.

Which Graco car seats click connect? 

Ans. Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Car Seat Base is Click Connect Compatible. With this base, you can use your existing Click Connect Children’s car seat. The base is always helpful to make an easy trip. 

What are the best Graco car seats?

Ans. The best Graco car seats are Snugride Snuglock 35 LX, SlimFit 3-in-1, Graco 4Ever, and Graco 4Ever DLX.

Are Graco car seats safe?

Ans. Graco is a well-known brand and leading baby products manufacturer. They provide the best quality and maintain top-notch quality control in all products. So, they are safe.

Final Verdict

This is the end line of the article. We have tried to highlight some exciting editions of Graco car seats for your baby through this article. Parents enjoy the benefits of a baby carrier and crave a seat with a base for older children to stay. The list will provide some best options for them.

All the highlighted products are the best Graco infant car seat 2021 with a ton of great features. These are exceptional seats, and you won’t be wrong with them. Some are quite expensive, but you can use them for a longer period.