Best F150 Shocks for Smooth Ride

Best F150 Shocks for Smooth Ride | We know of many passenger vehicles which also play a significant role in cargo loading. You can say they are 2-in-1 vehicles. Ford F150 is such a vehicle with a great reputation. It is such a car where you put yourself along with all short of heavy items. You can also set a trailer or boat additionally with it.

So, what do you want to say, a truck or passenger vehicle? For us, it is a truck, and we want good control from a truck. Some best F150 shocks only obtain such performance for a smooth ride. But Sock’s choice is not limited. Anybody will confuse while choosing great shocks. 

We don’t allow you to confuse. Let us help you to find the best riding shocks for F150.

Best F150 Shocks for Smooth Ride

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Struts VS Shocks

Let’s talk about a well-known fight between shocks and struts. Maximum users know about it. They know the actual difference between shocks and struts. But many audiences always want to know about Struts and shocks. They think struts and shocks are similar. They are two different components of a vehicle and perform almost similar jobs differently.

Both struts and shocks work against the road bounce. Note that a pair of struts and shock improves coil spring. In length, your F150 will achieve maximum ride quality. The shock absorber reduces such activity by absorbing a huge amount of jolts you feel while driving. On the other hand, the strut supports the vehicle’s weight. It is a structural component of a vehicle steering and suspension system.

You should choose strut or shock based on your vehicle structure. Struts are vehicle anatomical components. However, the suspensions are not like structural elements but contain coil springs to protect a vehicle from dangerous alignment. If you want to use structs instead of shocks, you have to spend more money because shocks cost less.

Modern F150 contains both shock and strut. The shock maintains your tire to provide a smooth ride. When you drive over potholes and bumps, both parts create a comfortable drive for the driver and the passenger.

Best Shocks Type for Lifted F150

There is not only one shock in the world for Ford F150. We have found three major types of F150 shocks. You can consider any of the types of shocks while buying the best F150 shocks for a smooth ride. 

Best F150 Shocks for Smooth Ride

Monotube or Single Tube

A monotube uses a single-wall shock tube to bind shock gas, shock oil and pistons. The gas and oil chamber are separated in it by the floating piston. Manufacturers say that the piston comes with an O-ring seal. You find no ventilation or foaming in this tube, and valving becomes much more responsive here. It is much more precise than a twin-tube.

Twin Tube 

The twin-tube shock is fitted in the inner and outer chambers. Chambers are also referred to as cylinders. The inner chamber is called the working chamber, consisting of oil and piston. Here the piston and oil move up and down. The outer chamber acts as a reservoir for hydraulic fluid. There is a valve on the end of the piston.

Piston valves control most dampness. The term gas shock refers to the same twin-tube design with an improvement. Low-pressure nitrogen gas is added to replace any oxygen air. The effects fade ventilation and performance.

Coil over Shock

You can adjust this suspension in different aspects of F150’s ride height. A Coil over combines the power of a strut in shock damp and allows the whole assembly to be installed as a single unit instead of tearing apart the car’s coil springs, mounts, struts, etc., separately. Coil overs allow drivers much more control over the vehicle’s suspension system.

The coil is placed on the shock and allows your truck to adjust the height easily. Both monotube and twin-tube designs are available as coil-over shocks.

What Do You Choose Between Hydraulic and Gas-Charged Shocks?

The F150’s shock can be differentiated between hydraulic and gas charge shock. Now, models are different, and the recommendation is also different. Other vehicles require different shocks. That’s why shocks are explicitly created for each application. While purchasing the best truck shocks for a smooth ride, you must keep them in mind.

Some trucks come with a low gas pressure control system. On the other hand, some have high hydraulic control. The hydraulic part gives manipulation whilst the proper pressure guarantees strong performance. The hydraulic shock offers a smooth, gentle ride, at the same time as the gas-charged surprise provides a sportier ride.

Now, the decision is yours. If both shocks support your vehicle, you decide what you need; a sporty performance or smooth riding experience. And if you have no option to choose, get the shock your truck requires.

Best F150 Shocks for Smooth Ride

Best Shocks for Lifted F150 Buying Guide 

As always, our buying guide is simple. Take a page and pen to note the direction. We are concerned because if you miss a single point at the purchasing moment.

  • Road Condition (on and off-road)
  • Load Capacity
  • Shock Type
  • Cost
  • Control
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Anti-Corrosion

See, what an extensive list is that! We are pretty sure you will miss double of them while you will look for the best F150 shocks smooth ride. Roundup all the points. We know you are a smart guy. You don’t need a big explanation for each topic, do you?


Do shocks make a smoother ride?

Ans. Yes, it makes the ride smoother, but there is a condition. The shock must be good and new; it cannot be old at all.

What shocks give the smoothest ride?

Ans. Follow our buying guidelines, and you will get your precious shocks. We suggest buying Bilstein shocks if you can spend more because they are the best for all vehicles.

When should you replace F150’s shock?

Ans. Like all other vehicle shocks, you should replace F150’s shocks and struts anywhere between 50k and 100k miles. If the shock is broken accidentally, then change it immediately.

Are Bilstein 5100 shocks any good?

Ans. Bilstein 5100 are not only good; they are a great way to go.

Final Word 

We know how vital a suspension system is for proper control and smooth steering. So, you should know which is good and bad because there are plenty of options in the market. You should not confuse to buy the best f150 shocks for a smooth ride. 

Don’t think you are new to this game because you have our simple guide in your notebook. Don’t ignore any of the points. Otherwise, you lost a lot of money the second time. So to get the best shock for the Ford f150, your build material, type and installation should be your top priority.