Best Double Stroller for Infant and 3 Year Old

Best Double Stroller for Infant and 3 Year Old

Every parent needs a car seat for the safety of their little kids. They also buy some extra baby accessories like toys, car seat tray, car seat bag, footrests, stroller, etc. Some car seat strollers are attached and you can find also removable and adjustable one. If you have a baby, it is enough to buy one of these items. By reading this article, you can buy the best double stroller for infant and 3 year old. 

But we all know a family of two children is a happy family. And most of the families have two babies and there is not much age difference between kids. So, for them, two baby safety items like car seat tray, bag, toys and footrests are fundamental. You will also feel the necessity of two car seat strollers.

Do you think maintain baby stroller is an easy task for a single person? It does not only cost more, but also takes more space and creates many difficulties. What if you could keep two babies by yourself with the help of a stroller? It really sounds good. A double stroller can do the same. You can easily maintain your two babies with the help of a double stroller. If you are struggling with your twin infant, then you are at the right place. Here I discuss about the best double stroller for infants and 3 years old.

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Which Double Stroller You Should to Buy?

Actually, there are several types of double stroller available in the market. There are necessary and unnecessary aspects in everything. Some of the aspects are important and some of them are very problem creators. So, you have to decide which type is better for you.

  • IN-LINE: With this stroller you’ll place your two children within the same line. You can keep your 2 children in the same way as the benches are placed on the stadium. These strollers tend to be comparatively slender and long, however, not an excessive amount of long. You can pass your home doors and narrow roads easily.
  • Convertible Double Stroller: you can use it as a single, double or triple stroller. You can convert this stroller at any type. If you have got quite 2 babies, then it’s additionally an ideal stroller for you. Simply add the second seat and alternative stroller components. It looks like an in-line stroller.

In terms of cost, it is expensive and heavyweight. But don’t worry. You will get a plenty of storage space in a convertible double stroller.

  • Side-By-Side: This stroller is the best option for twin. In this stroller, 2 seats are positioned during a single line next to every different. This style enables your youngsters to simply act with one another.

But it is not the better option than ever. Because it takes more space and it is huge. You cannot pass through narrow roads with this stroller. You also face problems while passing doors.

Do You Need A Double Stroller for Infant and 3 Years Old Child?

You are planning to buy a double stroller, but don’t want to think more about your kids age, that is not allowed. You have to measure age differences. If the age difference between your two children is one and a half to two years, then you cannot buy the double stroller that you need to buy, in the case of twin babies. So, age difference matters a lot.

If we consider the age aspect, then children from two to four years of age are perfectly suitable for the use of double strollers. Children under the age of two can also use a double stroller. But in that case it is better to have a twin baby.

And if we think in terms of weight, most strollers have a weight limit of 40 pounds. Some come with 50 pounds. So, in that case, it is very easy to find out. And as I said before, the difference is very important. One of your children is 4 years old and just then a new member came to your house. Then I don’t think you need a double stroller.

Without a big occasion, your 4 years old baby doesn’t need any stroller help. And at 4 years of age, children weigh more than 40 pounds that cross the limitation of a double stroller. But if your both babies are infant or 3 years old, you can use a double stroller and you need to use a double stroller for them.

Best Double Stroller Brands

There are many brands of double stroller are available in the market. But people want to know about the best brand. It is tough to make which one is the best. However, based on the amount of information we have received from our research and customer reviews, here are some good band names.


Graco is so popular brand in the baby accessory field. Whatever it is Graco’s stroller, car seat or any other product, customers are satisfied with their product. They are very sensitive about their products and when they manufacture a product, their teams always try to do their best for the parents.

Baby Trend

Baby trend is also a popular American brand. They are known as baby accessory company. This company has a 30 years of history. Every year they are coming new innovative ideas for babies and parents. Parents also love this brand and they trust their services. No matter what the age of your child, you will get all types of accessories for your baby.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger has been an established brand since 1984. From that time, they are investing and researching about baby and parent needs and making innovative products for kids. Customers are happy with them and their services. They have all types of good quality double stroller for infant and big kid.

Best Side-By-Side Double stroller for Infants

Here is our top pick of the best side-by-side car seat strollers.

Mountain Buggy

This double stroller is specially made for a mountain trip. That doesn’t mean that you cannot use it other. If you are walking through mountain road, you will feel safe with this side double stroller. It is a great item for those parents who need a side-by-side stroller and worry about narrow roads.

It is very easy and feel well-balanced when you ride it. Among all the features, I love its adjustable handlebar break. It is amazing in one word. This mountain double buggy for baby and 3 year old child is a great solution for parents.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double

Every parent is looking for foldable stroller. So, Baby Jogger double stroller is a great item because you can fold it and carry in the back of your car. It has adjustable features. This is the narrowest of all the side-by-side strollers. You can use it as a double stroller for 4 year old and infant.

You can also carry a baby who is under six-month because of recline flat position. Overall, it is good.

Joie Aire Twin Double Buggy

We know double strollers are expensive. But Joie Aire Twin is an affordable double stroller which comes with easy folding and quick adjustment feature. It is around 11.8 kg. This is not the lightest stroller, but it is very well-balanced stroller in this price range.

Its leg rest and full recline feature will offer comfort to your baby. Its one-handed folding feature is favourite of many.

Best Convertible Double stroller for Infants

Here is our top pick of the best Convertible car seat strollers.

Graco DuoGlider Stroller

Graco DuoGlider is a popular convertible in-line double stroller. It is a high quality product. Click connect system is a special feature of this stroller.  You can easily transfer your baby form car seat to stroller without disturbing.

Its stadium type seat design and convertible safety straps keep your baby safe and comfortable. Its one-handed folding feature is very quick and awesome in one word.

Graco Mode Duo Stroller

Car seat and car seat accessories are not cheap. They are always expensive. But if you are looking for something better than premium, Graco Mode Duo is for you. Those who don’t think about cost can buy this item.

It has 27 different options based on your kids need. Removable car seat option, enough recline space, storage option, safety, comfort whatever you say, it is the best product. If you have two kids of different ages, you can purchase it undoubtedly.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon

Baby trend is a popular brand. It is a solution for family who has multiple baby. This double stroller makes your visit to the park enjoyable and hassle free. The both car seats have 5 point harness system which allows reclining your baby position accurately.

It has two cup holder storage, a big covered compartment, two panel canopy to block sunlight. Overall, it is a versatile double stroller. Foot activated brake option is a one type of premium feature.


Car seat double stroller is a vital tool for each mother and baby. You’ve got 2 youngsters, or more than 2, you’ll feel the importance of it. All the products are not good in the market. A double stroller is a fundamental item to keep your baby safe and secure. So, don’t waste your money buying local products. At first, take time and think about your necessity, then choose the product.