Top 15 Best Car Seat Travel Tray 2024

best car seat travel tray

Travelling with children is challenging. A parent knows how difficult it is to go on a big trip with a small child. You have to feed the baby while traveling; you have to use the car seat to ensure the safety of the baby. Regular pampers are replaced. There is so much more to do. For these reasons, you need to choose the best car seat travel tray to keep your baby safe.

Kids can cry when they feel annoyed in the journey. Then someone needs to stop their crying. Children should be given pleasure so that they do not feel annoyed on the long journey. And there is a way of making their ride more fun and pleasant. If you have a car seat with tray, then you can make their journey entertaining.

In the travel tray you will get a flat surface, where your baby can art, can play and do other things. A car seat travel tray also provides a wide variety of places where your baby can put necessary things. Anyways, there is a wide variety of car seat travel tray. There are many brands of car seat travel tray, many designs and many advantages and disadvantages.

To help you to point which one is the best baby car seat tray for you, read the full article. In this article, we are trying to make a list of the best car seat travel trays, which are expert in travelling with children.

Table of Contents

1. Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray


A baby car seat is a significant investment, whether a travel tray is not. Lusso Gear designed their premium kid’s travel tray to make your investment more worthy for travel trays. It is the best of the best car seat travel tray for all the time. Any seller or any reviewer recommends this travel gear to every parent without thinking twice.

It provides stress-free travel to the parents during every ride. Everything you need in a travel tray is available here to engage toddlers, preschoolers, and even school-age kids. It allows parents to keep babies happy and content during unwelcome travel activities. Simple baby happy means parent happy.

The included dry wipe board doubles nicely as an ultra-sturdy car seat eating tray for your child. It also turns into a drawing station with some wipes with a damp paper towel. Your kid draws here or takes a snack doesn’t matter, can be quickly restored by cleaning garbage.

It includes a 3-in-1 tablet stand to improve the viewing experience. It allows parents to provide electronic devices like iPad, tablets, or mobile phones to their kids. To watch cartoons or other shows, no needs to put hands. There is no need to interact with hands to watch content. So, you feel safe with little hands exposing.

Lusso Gear kid travel tray for car seats includes drawing supplies, small toys, and snacks, which provide a variety of fuel that keeps little hands busy without messing up the back seat of the rails, then folding for easy storage.

The board zipper storage pocket gives your kids easy access to their art materials, snacks, and small toys, keeping them clean and organized until you get to their destination. It is the best travel tray for parents who love the clean ride.


Brand – ‎Lusso Gear
Material – Oxford
Item Weight – ‎2.82 pounds
Product Dimensions – ‎16.5 x 1.97 x 13.39 inches
Special Features – ‎Tablet stand, dry erase board, storage


  • The most high-rated travel tray on Amazon.
  • It comes with a premium design.
  • It is a great entertaining item for toddlers to school-age kids.
  • The 3-in-1 tablet stand to improve the viewing experience.
  • It is a versatile kid’s travel tray for drawing, playing and eating.
  • It includes iPad and tablet holder.
  • Zipper storage pockets helps to keep kid’s item organized.


  • It can be much better in durable section.

2.  Beloved Belongings Kids Travel Tray for Toddler Car Seat


Watching videos or cartoons on mobile or tablet is the easiest way to keep your little one entertained on the journey. However, there is a risk that the tablet may be damaged during the trip in the little hand. If you have Beloved Belongings kids travel tray, you don’t need to think about this problem.

This model offers three inches sidewall. And the wall is set with different storage pockets. The wall looks pretty sturdy but quite flexible. You can use the surface for versatile purposes, which is water and spill-proof, and BPA free. So, there are zero chances that your kid harm by toxic ingredients.

A prominent feature of this model is that it comes with six colored dry eraser markers. You deal with five fun reusable activity sheets. These are sure to keep the little ones busy for a few hours together.

The patented easy folding design keeps kids fit in car seats, airplanes, upholstered chairs, and any travel situation.


Brand – ‎Beloved Belongings
Material – BPA free, Non-Toxic
Item Weight – ‎1.9 pounds
Product Dimensions – ‎ 16 x 14 x 7 inches
Mounting Type – Wall Mount


  • It includes a thick plastic viewing sleeve on the tablet holder.
  • The material is BPA free and non-toxic.
  • It comes with dry-erase markers.
  • It also comes with five erasable education sheets.
  • The said walls are tall and sturdy enough as well as flexible also.
  • The fabric material is waterproof.


  • It does not offer a dry erase board like most brands.

3.  Kenley Kids Travel Tray


Kenley Kids Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray is a popular car seat travel tray on Amazon. It comes with a curved design that makes it fit perfectly on every car seat. Also, the outer pad makes it comfortable for long-term use. It is an excellent tray for air travel and especially makes your road travel enjoyable with kids.

Although the plane usually has a television, WiFi, playing and running trays, the kids in the car are kept to a bit of space with limited options. They get some better space while traveling in an RV. Thanks to Kenley Kids Travel Tray for providing a convenient space for kids to enjoy their rides and

600D polyester is used here, and this polyester is a good quality polyester. Therefore, the padded surface is waterproof and very convenient to use. What’s more, the reinforced 4” walls keep crayons, food, drawings in trays and prevent clutter from spreading around your car. Both the surface and walls make it a great car seat dining tray.

A couple of pockets are available on the top of the board to keep different equipment. All the pockets are removable and easy to re-arrange. Extra mesh pockets can even be used as a second cup holder, which is helpful.

This seat organizer or road trip tray has a strap and buckle system, which includes a long buckle that holds everything in place, which is very easy to use.


Brand – ‎Kenley Kids
Material – polyester 600D
Item Weight – ‎1.95 pounds
Product Dimensions –   16.5 x 13.5 x 4 inches
Special Features – ‎ ‎Road trips, travel, Kids activities, food tray


  • It is fantastic choice for long car rides.
  • 4” long four sides wall contains all baby accessories safe at all times.
  • The tray size is perfect for writing and drawing.
  • All the sides are padded perfectly which ensure more comfort and accurate adjustment.
  • Your kid will get tons of space to keep his necessary instruments.
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • It is not flimsy at all. You will get more for your money.
  • It can hold a medium size tablet.
  • It has two cup holder storage and removable storage compartment.
  • The company is offering lifetime warranty for this product.


  • Transparent pocket is missing.

4.  Tomser Upgraded Kids Travel Tray


Tomsar Kids car seat laptop tray offers an upgraded transparent dry eraser top for fun on the ride to the kids. It helps you to keep your kid busy in drawing and no fighting on the go. The built-in dry board of erase allows you to do versatile tasks like reading, drawing, playing, eating, and watching videos and create a lovely stress-free environment on the go.

The Tomser Kids Travel Tray is a complete educational package with 6 color dry erasable board pens. Practicing colorful ABCD writing and beautiful wild dinosaur drawing make the journey enjoyable for the kid.

Not only the 6 color pens but also the 5 different drawing papers are amazing for kids with dinosaurs, words matches, letters train & labyrinths. Every moment of the journey, your child will wander in a playful environment.

The strong buckles and adjustable straps increase the Durability & Stability and ensure they fit for all ages kids. And the travel is a great item for versatile use, such as high chairs, dinner tables, strollers, conventional kid’s chairs, and a plane seat.

The blue color is quite attractive for kids. The light blue seems eye-catchy and provides eye protection for babies.


Brand – ‎Tomser
Material – polyester 600D
Item Weight – ‎2.27 pounds
Color Pen – 6 pens
Laptop Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions –   16.93 x 13.11 x 2.09 inches


  • It has upgraded mess-free transparent dry erase top.
  • The drawing can easily wipe away and your baby can create a new one how many times he wants.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It can be used for versatile use. Your baby can eat, play, and read here.
  • It has got a multipurpose design. It is also a car seat snack tray, 2 zipper pockets etc.
  • 14 different pockets are really a huge space to keep essential accessories.
  • It has 5 educational papers with dinosaur, letters train, word matches and labyrinths.
  • It comes with sky-blue color which looks more modern.


  • The bottom of the tray is not hard enough.

5.  ECOFANTASY World Map Kids Car Seat Travel Tray


The EcoFantasy World Map is a compact, foldable car seat laptop tray that is perfect for long car trips. This premium quality travel tray can hold your child while working around town or while boarding a plane.

The colorful world map keeps your toddler busy in learning geography. It comes with an illustration set that keeps engaging your little kid in the whole ride. It sets in just a few seconds with a secure hard side that protects papers, markers, and toys from sliding while driving.

It has a very nice tablet holder feature that is clean; look through the cover to keep the tablet in place and keep it from getting dirty or damaged. Also, 2 convenient pockets and one big pocket is big enough to hold a paper or magazine sheet. It also includes

It is designed with safe and non-toxic material for all ages of kids. No harsh chemical is used in this tray to keep baby safety in mind. It is also an eco-friendly and BPA-free tray with no odor.

It is one of the finest choices for moms because it’s a convenient way of use. The waterproof surface is easy to clean without any pain. It is also easy to fold. With the most user-friendly features, many parents list it at the top of their list of favorites.


Mounting Type – TableTop
Item Weight – ‎1.69 pounds
Color Pen – 4 pens
Laptop Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – 17 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches


  • Light weight car seat travel tray.
  • Premium quality baby car seat travel tray.
  • There is an educational US map in this car seat travel tray.
  • It can be used mostly with high chairs, tables for dinner, plane seats and also art desk.
  • It protects your iPad with a clear cover.
  • Your baby can consider it as a lap table for eating, drawing, writing, games, toys, and for preschool activities.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is safe and NON-TOXIC.
  • It offers lifetime warranty.


  • Not a good travel tray for younger kiddos.

Some reviewers faced buckle broken problems. You have to be very careful when using these buckles and straps.

6.  DMoose Kids Travel Lap Tray


DMoose Kids Travel Tray is an ultra-beautiful travel lap tray with an adorable board design that will make the trip more acceptable for your little one. This quality-made activity tray has a durable, sturdy design that does not weaken or deteriorate rapidly. It is long-lasting and stays just as strong when you buy it because of the thick padding.

For kids ‘ travel, this infant car seat tray table has a soft, wool padded base with lightweight and supportive and sturdy solid walls. So, there is no chance that the toys, snacks, or bottles are rolling away from the surface.

The tray has a TPU coating that prevents water and spills. And the most convenient part is cleaning. You can easily remove the board with one click of the tape for cleaning.

Like other car seat food tray, it includes a tablet holder, cup holder, and snack holder. And a bunch of side pockets also keeps the child more organized on the go.

DMoose travel tray is lightweight and offers a compact folding design. It folds down quickly and comes with a shoulder strap that helps you to carry it anywhere.

The most highlighted part is the balanced design, mesh pockets, and non-toxic materials, which means the safe travel partner for kids.


Brand – ‎DMoose
Material – Premium Polyester
Item Weight – ‎1.17 pounds
Tablet Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎16.54 x 12.87 x 1.89 inches
Special Features – PVC free, waterproof, Mesh Pockets


  • It has versatile use. Your baby can use it for playing, eating, drawing, and writing.
  • It is a well-balanced and lightweight car seat travel tray.
  • It has an adjustable stability strap. It makes easy to fit.
  • This product is durable and strong. It has sturdy raised slides.
  • It is a waterproof travel tray.
  • The material is made with Plastic, Neoprene.
  • It is Non-Toxic product and PVC free.
  • Light-weight product.


  • There is no big disadvantage of this travel tray at all.

7.  ZEAZU Kids Travel Tray


The ZeaZu Kids Travel Treaty was designed for kids to keep parent requirements in mind. The manufacturer has included every useful feature in it to keep your kids busy and messy. This car seat back tray has included different quality upgrades, storage compartments, and some premium features.

The ZeaZu brand knows what their customer wants and what they are looking for. This travel meets all parent requirements. It comes with several extra bells and whistles, such as a powerful tablet holder, paper storage bogie, and a pocket tissue distributor. It is hard to find all these things in many popular brands.

It includes a wipeable drawing board that can be converted into a snack tray. The tray is water-proof and easy to clean. Whatever your child draws on the tray or eat, you can clean it in a swipe.

This tray contains many items such as a transparent tablet holder, a cup holder, a storage pocket, side mesh pockets for art supplies and snacks, a colorful set, and a carrying bag. It can keep all toys, crafts, travel items, and pens safe in built-in mesh pockets.

This tray also comes with a secure strap that makes it a safe travel tray for your kid. And the good thing is, it is compatible with all North American car seats. Each ZeaZu infant car seat tray has a travel bag that can be kept as a backpack, making the travel tray even easier to carry.


Brand – ‎ZEAZU
Material – Premium Polyester
Item Weight – ‎3 pounds
Tablet Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎ 17.5 x 12.5 x 2 inches
Special Features – Carrying Bag, Waterproof, Mesh Pockets


  • You can make a hassle-free travel, wherever you are in the plane or car.
  • It has a dry erase board. Your baby can wipe his writing or drawing and make a new one every time.
  • It has also an iPad holder.
  • There are enough storage organizers for toddler.
  • The design of this travel tray is car seat friendly.
  • Your baby can keep all toys, pens, markers, etc.
  • The best travel tray for big kids and toddlers.


  • This travel tray should not be used for younger children than toddler.

8.  EcoZen Lifestyle Car Seat Toddler Travel Tray


EcoZen Lifestyle car seat toddler travel tray is a simple and sturdy travel tray. It is a great choice for toddlers. The tray is more durable than any other top-rated travel tray in the market. For those who are looking for an activity-travel tray, their searching should be over here.

It is made of waterproof nylon fabric. This fabric is toxic and PVC-free. It makes the tray premium and strong. This fabric is also waterproof and easy to clean.

It is a great tray for snacking, eating, and playing on the go. Side and front pockets can hold everything such as a book, toy, crayon, snack, tablet, paper, and so on. To keep the water pot close to the kid, it adds an integrated cup holder storage also.

It has been extensively tested to fit most car seats, booster seats, pushchairs, buggies, and strollers. This tray competes with other trays in the market because it is a great companion for kids of all ages, and it will last a long time. It will be the last child tray you will ever buy.

The risk of the Ecozen lifestyle is not yours. You leave it up to the company. The company provides an unconditional 100% one-year no-risk money-back guarantee.


Brand – ‎EcoZen Lifestyle
Material – Nylon
Mountain Type – Wall Mount
Item Weight – ‎1.5 pounds
Tablet Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎ 15 x 11 x 5 inches


  • It is one of the most comfortable car seat travel trays.
  • Keeps your baby entertained.
  • It has a unique design concept.
  • This travel makes eating, drawing snacking easy while you are travelling.
  • It is durable and it is also easy to clean.
  • It offers 100% money back guarantee.


  • The color of this pink. So, it is not a perfect suit for boy kid.
  • This is a toddler travel tray. For young kiddos, it is not a good value for money.

9.  Coolmum Kids Travel Tray


Most travel trays are designed for both air and car travel. They are a good enough choice to use in two different positions. However, none of these are the best options for air travel. The Coolmum kids travel tray is the best car seat airplane tray. You may fly more or less, but no travel tray can serve better than Coolmum inside the plane.

It is a multipurpose travel tray for snacking, watching cartoons, or playing games on the big-screen tablet, drawing, and having fun on the journey. It provides a hard surface in the form of a travel tray for children or a child tray for cars to hold accessories.

It provides a solid surface in the form of a child tray for storing travel trays for children or accessories for cars. Its sturdy construction sets up in just a few seconds with a long sidewall that protects food, drawings, markers, and toys from sliding. Again, a large pocket and 2 side pockets are large enough to hold a CP cup or large toy.

The tray is easy to install in the car seat and the airplane seat with the help of long, robust buckles and a long adjustable strap. By the way, it is not only designed for car or air travel only. You can fit it with your kids in any place like strollers, high chairs, etc.

Overall, this is an ideal car back seat organizer, baby stroller accessory, and air travel tray.


Brand – ‎Coolmum
Material – Polyester
Mountain Type – Tabletop
Item Weight – ‎1.63 pounds
Tablet Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎ ‎17.08 x 13.11 x 1.88 inches


  • It is durable. It has adjustable straps and lockable zippers.
  • The safety straps can be attached in any shapes. So, your baby is safe at any position.
  • The setup of this car seat travel tray is very sturdy.
  • This travel tray is made with high-quality material, which makes it waterproof.
  • It is a unisex travel tray. It fits both your baby girl and boy.
  • This product is very easy to take in and out of your vehicle.
  • Sufficient space to keep kid accessories.
  • It can be also attached to the stroller.
  • One of the best travel trays for airplane travel.


  • It is an expensive price rate.
  • You cannot hold iPads in this travel tray.

10.  Organized Empire kid travel tray


Organized Empire’s Kids Travel Treaty is specifically created by a parent-owned company with a modern, technology-conscious family in mind. It comes with a unique design concept. It introduces an entirely new design in the baby car seat tray market.

It is an all-in-one travel station that folds into a case that closes securely with a zipper. Such a folding system is not seen in any other car seat back organizer with tray. It makes a fold but leaves space inside to store toys and books, which means fewer things for you to wander from place to place.

It offers more features than any other tray, such as a bottomless cup holder, an in-built zippered pencil case, two mesh storage pockets. You can consider it as also a travel bag for your kid. An easy carrying strap makes it convenient to bring with you when you walk.

The Organized Empire tray comes with the best zippers, foams, and high-quality stain-resistant nylon fabric. It includes professional unisex colors, which are attractive for both boys and girls.

Installation is not an issue here. It’s a lot like how we adjust the buckle of the bag, very simple and easy. To install it, what you have to do is simply pass the strap on the back of the car seat and get your kid’s activity tray ready to use.


Brand – ‎Organized Empire
Material – Nylon, Plastic
Mountain Type – Tabletop
Item Weight – ‎1.5 pounds
Tablet Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎ ‎‎16.5 x 12.1 x 2.7 inches


  • It is a unique travel tray.
  • In case of stability, it is the best travel tray.
  • It has detachable tablet holders.
  • You can zip it and carry it in a convenient bag.
  • Your baby can read books, play video games, eat snacks and do other entertaining things.
  • Side walls are enough to keep your accessories safe. Those will not fall.
  • It has the best foam, zipper and fabrics.
  • This travel tray is enough flexible.
  • Easy to install. Large buckle and adjustable straps make it easy to install.


  • Not all cars are set up properly. You must verify before buying.
  • The tray smell is good. But everyone does not like it.

11.  Cerizona Portable car seat travel tray


A piece of Cerizona travel tray can bring fun and provide a peaceful journey.  It has so many advantages that can make your trip comfortable and keep your child away from annoyance.

The tray can carry books of the kid, pencils and other writing accessories, toys, water bottles. It offers many practical activities to your kid like drawing, eating, and playing without any kind of trouble.

Cerizona portable travel tray comes with a long and sturdy surface. The surface is well-organized. Your baby can play and draw here. It offers multiple carry pockets to hold the baby learning items. The surface is grippy and well-designed. Pencil rubber or other instruments will never fall out of this tray. Strong zipper-protected pockets, reinforced walls, and padded barriers help to keep each and every kid’s stuff in place. So, it is a proper tray for educating and entertaining your little loved one on the go.

It also has a tablet holder. Moreover, your kid can play video games as well as watch cartoons on the tablet. You don’t need to clean the tray because watching videos or playing games on the tablet doesn’t dirty the tray.

Cerizona travel tray also offers a waterproof pad that is also stain-resistant. It prevents germs and harmful bacteria. And the main thing, you can fold this tray and carry it anywhere because it is a lightweight travel tray. Moreover, it is compatible with high chairs, conventional kid’s chairs, strollers, and plane seats.


Brand – ‎Cerizona
Material – Polyester
Item Weight – ‎2.59 pounds
Special Features – Waterproof Tray Pad
Product Dimensions – ‎ ‎‎ 13 x 16 x 2 inches


  • It keeps your baby away from stresses.
  • Your kid can play here, draw here.
  • You can serve food for your baby in this tray when you go on a long trip.
  • It has zipper-protected pockets and mesh compartments, where your kid can put his pencils, drawing books, gum, etc.
  • This travel tray is durable.
  • It is a versatile travel tray.
  • It is light weight.
  • It ensures safety with high chairs.
  • Good travel tray for older kids.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • This travel tray is waterproof.


  • It is too large to travel in a plane.
  • For toddlers, this is not a perfect choice.

12.  Karimba Kids Travel Tray


Karimba kids is also a known brand in the infant car seat tray market. It can be the best partner for your kid in every single ride. It is designed in such a way that it keeps your kid entertained throughout the entire journey.

This travel activity tray also serves as an organizer, with your small tablet and a removable storage bogie. It is a special car seat cup holder tray because it includes two cup holders. It also provides free space to draw and read books. They can color a book, play with PlayDoff, keep their tablets for watching a movie, and many more.

Because of the resistant walls, it almost looks like a mini castle. No toys, food, cups or playing soil will be rolling down from the tray and make the train or plane noisy. The mesh pockets are beneficial to keep every kid item organized.

There is a chance to endure the item because of heavy use. It is a great concern for parents. In addition, there may be a manufacturing defect in the product you purchased. So, the company provides one year warranty.


Brand – ‎Cerizona
Material – Polyester
Item Weight – ‎1.59 pounds
Special Features – Tray Pad, Cup Holder
Product Dimensions – ‎ ‎‎ ‎16.3 x 13.7 x 1.73 inches


  • It is a versatile product. Your baby can play here, eat here, and draw here. He will get complete fun here.
  • It is a very comfortable travel tray and its design is very well-balanced.
  • It has parent-friendly surface.
  • The product is made with great material and it is also waterproof.
  • This tray has TPU coating which makes it easy to clean.
  • It has enough stretchable storage to keep kid’s important accessories like pens, books, papers, markers, etc.


  • Some reviewers talk about bad stitching. But if you face this type of product problem, you can replace it.

13.  Skipidoo Kids Travel Tray


SKIPIDOO is one of my favorite brands. I think they are the best in the baby accessory industry. Anyways, this is one of their significant innovations to make your kid’s journey entertaining. This car SKIPIDOO travel tray has multiple features. If you have a toddler, this travel tray is recommended for you.

Skipidoo is a great travelling partner on the go. It is a multipurpose and fully collapsible travel tray. It is also a complete entertaining center for the little kid. Your child can play with toys, assemble puzzles, or watch shows on their tablets.

You can also transform it into a dining table so you can keep your car pieces and sticky spill-free. The high walls hold foods and keep them tidy.


Brand – ‎Skipidoo
Material – Polyester
Item Weight – ‎1.5 pounds
Tab Holder – Yes
Product Dimensions – ‎ ‎‎ ‎16.3 x 13.7 x 1.73 inches


  • You can make a hassle-free travel, wherever you are in the plane or car.
  • It has a dry erase board. Your baby can wipe his writing or drawing and make a new one every time.
  • It has also an iPad holder.
  • There are enough storage organizers for toddler.
  • The design of this travel tray is car seat friendly.
  • Your baby can keep all toys, pens, markers, etc.
  • The best travel tray for big kids and toddlers.


  • This travel tray should not be used for younger children than toddler.

14.  MenZoke Kids Travel Toddler Tray


A toddler travel tray is always called a best friend for kids. The same name is suitable for the MenZoke Kids travel tray also. It can take a reliable position between all the best car seat travel trays.

It has a stationery pocket next to it that holds all those pens and pencils that your little one always seems to move incorrectly. A dry removal board facing your child will enhance their creative skills.

It has an isolated tablet holder to help your toddler watch cartoons without raising the issue of his parents sitting too close to the screen. This is because the position of the tablet holder is behind the tray. This position will create some distance between the tablet and your child’s eyes.

It has strong adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit in the car seat. It has a raised edge that will protect the items from falling. Overall, it is a universal solution for use in cars, trains and planes.


Brand – ‎MenZoke
Material – Polyester 600D
Item Weight – ‎2.61 pounds
Product Dimensions – ‎17.13 x 13.11 x 1.85 inches
Special Features – ‎Foldable


  • It includes a high-quality mess-free sturdy surface.
  • It provides a foldable compact design.
  • It contains three drawing papers with a dry erase board.
  • The edges are sturdy enough to provide safety.
  • It is an excellent educational friend on the long ride.


  • The screen pocket seems poor quality.

15.  Buenavo Car Seat Organizer Kids Travel Tray


Kids are not too much sincere like mature people. So, they need extra care when we consider giving them any items. It is essential to provide them with extra strong and durable items. Here, the Buenavo car seat travel tray must be a suitable option.

A dry eraser board has been made on the back of the travel tray in the seat of this car. It is especially strong and can take too much pressure. It doubles as an artboard, so your child can express their artistic side while travelling.

This organizer travel tray is slightly larger than average. This can be a problem if you have a particularly compact vehicle.

The mesh side pockets provide plenty of space for industrial supplies and toys. It also includes a dedicated water bottle holder next to the tray. The transparent tablet holder makes it easy for kids to watch videos while the tablet is safe from scattering.


Brand – ‎Buenavo
Material – Polyester, High Density Polyethylene
Item Weight – ‎2.29 pounds
Product Dimensions – ‎16.3 x 14.1 x 2 inches
Special Features – ‎Foldable, iPad Holder, Tab Holder


  • The surface is dry and waterproof.
  • It comes with a side water bottle holder.
  • It provides a transparent tablet holder.
  • It includes multiple mesh pockets to keep kid’s essentials.
  • It offers a solid and heavy-duty buckle and straps to fit the car seat with tray properly.


  • It is not an ideal travel tray for compact cars.

Are Car Seat Trays Safe?

Of course, the car seat trays are safe. Children’s accessory companies are passionate about kids and kid’s safety. They know that parent’s number one priority is the safety of their child. A car seat travel tray does not in any way interfere with your child’s safety. The best car seat travel trays are crash-tested, and they adhere to specific standards that ensure they will not put your child at risk when installing.

One such product is the Kenley Kids toddler lap Tray which meets all safety standards. The large heavy-duty buckles ensure the tray stays stable, and it has been repeatedly crushed to make it as safe as possible. Other travel trays are also safe, but they don’t meet all safety standards.

A car seat travel tray is not a big item that creates safety issues. The best car seat trays are lightweight, portable, and easy to fold. What you should try while purchasing a travel tray, avoid toxic materials and make sure the tray you are going to buy is durable enough.

How To Install The Car Seat Travel Tray?

We have noticed, car seat installation is a kind of hassle for some parents. Most car seats have an advanced and easy installation process; even then, parents face difficulty. Car seat trays do not have such type of complex installation.

A car seat travel tray usually includes a strap and buckle system to install it. There are some basic steps you should go through to install a travel tray.

  • At first, release the bark.
  • Then, place the tray on your child’s lap.
  • Finally, take the strap, guide it around the seat, and tie it to the other side of the tray.

Some travel trays are designed to attach to the front seat. Installing such trays are easier than the previous versions. You have to guide the belt around the front seat and fasten it; The tray stands independently like a small table in front of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do car seat trays work in the car?

Ans. Yes, you can attach car seat trays back of the car seat except for lap trays. Lap desk trays are not connected to the back of the car seat. They are easy to use outside of the car. Lap trays are an excellent choice for early age children who need a flat surface or iPad space while in the car.

Will a car seat tray fit in my car seat?

Ans. Car seat trays are made to be universally compatible with most car seats on the market. Included straps and buckles ensure a snug fit in every car seat.

How do I clean the car seat tray?

Ans. Car seat trays are not recommended to machine wash. You should use a mild soap solution or a vinegar solution to clean it. You can try the spray method. The room temperature is enough to dry it.


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Some try to make DIY car seat trays, but they are not durable and safe enough like market products. The car seat tray must also comply with specific rules and meet federal standards. If you decide to make a tray yourself, you can never be sure it is completely safe.