Top 13 Best Car Seat Base 2022

Best Car Seat Base

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A car seat base is basically used to install a baby car seat easily and also used to make the installation process more secure. A base usually used with infant car seats. Every parent wants to ensure the best for their lovely little prince and princess when they are travelling. An Infant car seat is an obvious item to ensure this safety.

But if you can add an extra installation feature that is infant car seat base, then it will be marvelous. You can purchase the base separately. Some cars have it permanently fitted. And if you use the car seat base, the infant car seats can be installed very quickly.

You will get two types of options to install the car seat base. The options are seat belt installation and ISOFIX installation. Some base fit with both ISOFIX and seat belt. Installation methods, including bases, are generally considered more secure than non-base installation methods. Because, every manufacturing company and their clients think that car seat base installation method reduces the risk of wrong fitting.

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1. Britax Infant Car Seat Base with SafeCenter Latch Installation

Everyone wants to ensure a safe and flexible journey at the time of travelling. Britax car seat base is such an item that provides hundred percent flexibility. You can add this flexible item in any vehicle. This car seat is compatible with all the models of Britax car seat such as Britax car seat B safe, B safe 35, 35 Elite, B safe Ultra and other also.

It is designed to be very simple and can be easily placed in multiple car seats. It always ensures a secure travelling. You will get also multiple premium features in this car seat base. Safecenter latch ensures proper and fast installation. Level indicator helps to attach the base correctly.

This item’s weight is about 9 pounds. The dimensions are 21.5 x 13.8 x 7.5 inches.


  • Simple and standard design.
  • Impact absorbing base.
  • Steel frames allow more strength and protection.
  • Easy on or off latch connectors.
  • Duel level indicators.
  • Easy to in and out.


  • Very easy and fast to install.
  • Very strong.
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles.
  • Allows safety first.
  • Flexible features allow to make a flexible journey.


  • Expensive price.
  • Narrow shape.
  • Heavy.
  • There is not so much stroller option.

2.  Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat Base

If you have children who are growing day by day, or if you are a parent of a new child and want to shop for your family, you should buy some and basic and important accessories for your baby. A car seat is one of those accessories that offers 100% safety when you are on a long travel.

Are you searching for professional designed car seat base? Do you want to give 100% safety and comfort to your baby? Do you like to give the best brand to your little prince? Ask yourself the questions. If your answer is “yes”, then Evenflow company should be your first priority.

Evenflo always try to offer the best solution for the customers. Car seat base Evenflo is one of them. You will get it at an affordable price. This base allows easy installation. It is easy to transfer. It also exceeds all the safety standards. So., you don’t need to think twice to buy this car seat base because, Evenflow is one of the best car seat base brands that provide children’s accessories.

The item weight is 5.7 pounds and the dimensions are 23 x 14 x 7 inches.


  • Meets all of the safety standards.
  • Very easy and fast to install.
  • Helpful for busy parents.
  • Also compatible with pivot system.
  • Expedient and Versatile.
  • 4 adjustment recline options.
  • Durable seat base.
  • Compatible with all the Evenflow infant car seat.
  • Affordable price.


  • Too big for some car seats.
  • Adjusting is a little bit tough for large babies.

Safety 1st OnBoard 35 LT Adjustable Infant Car Seat Base

Safety 1st OnBoard is also a popular brand in the market. This car seat base is the best choice for those parents who are using more than one vehicle and do not want to install the base in both cars over and over. It really saves your time and it will keep you away from the hassle of installing a car seat.

It may confuse you as to which car seat it will be compatible with. Don’t be confused. Safety 1st OnBoard 35 LT car seat base is compatible with all the Safety 1st OnBoard infant car seats. You can allow it as a good baby shower gift.

The item weight is 6 pounds and the dimensions are 23.7 x 8.5 x 16 inches.


  • Well-designed car seat base.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Allows super strong protection.
  • 2 recline options.
  • Premium Latch Connector system has been included.
  • Compatible with all Safety 1st OnBoard infant car seats.
  • Lightweight and offer comforts.


  • A big car seat base.
  • Hard to move the car seat.
  • There is no front strap.


Graco SnugRide Lite Infant Car Seat Base

This is also another car seat base that you can use in multiple vehicles with seamless transitions. Graco is also a popular brand and it will deliver the best products in the market. You can easily adjust the base with the car seat without any type of problem. It has 4 adjustable features and easy-to-read level indicator.

These two are the most effective and most important feature of this car seat base. There are also many user-friendly features added in this car seat base. But, 4 adjustable features and easy-to-read level indicators are really awesome to make a safe and secure installation.

No need to worry about adjusting this base with baby car seat. You can adjust this base with any Graco baby car seat. It is a brand that has been serving clients and customers for over 60 years. It is considered as parent solution. Most of the families are dependable on Graco. They trust Graco and they love Graco products.

The item weight is 5.9 pounds and the dimensions of this base are 21 x 14 x 8 inches.


  • Comes with lower price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ensure secure and safe installation.
  • 4-position adjustable base.
  • Latch system is available.
  • Protect your child from the crash and useful to balance car seat temperature.
  • You can easily ensure proper installation by the help of easy-to-read level indicator.


  • Some says it is hard to install. Checking manual vehicle and taking decision can solve this problem.
  • Removing seat and releasing is little bit tough also.
  • Straps are not enough to make a smooth installation.


Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat Base

Our next brand from the list is Chicco Keyfit. This is also a faithful and reliable brand in the market. Chicco car seat base ensures 100% safety of your baby when you are travelling by car. You don’t need to think twice about baby car seat installation. Transitions are smooth also.

This car seat base is not considered as a lightweight base. The weight is little bit higher than other brands in the market. Comparing with other brands, the cost of this brand is expensive. Like other brands, Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat base has also easy installation system and it is able to provide maximum security to your child. And it is compatible with all Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seats.

Chicco KeyFit infant car seat base weight is around 9 pounds. The dimensions are 21 x 15.9 x 8.6 inches.


  • Compatible with all Chicco KeyFit car seats.
  • Easy to install.
  • Allows a concern-free safe journey.
  • Allows smooth transitions.
  • Best quality product.


  • Heavyweight infant car seat base.
  • Expensive price rate.


Doona Latch Car Seat Base

Doona Latch car seat base is manufactured by Doona Company. The team of Doona basically designed it to use for rear-facing car seat. It contains all the things that a customer or parent wants. In particular, its simplicity encourages customers to use it.

Most probably, a client is looking for safety, prime features, simplicity, modernism in a car seat base. And, you will get them in Doona Latch car seat base. You can install this base using Latch system and seat belt. Whatever option you choose, both will ensure 100% correct and safe installation.

The Doona Base meets all the safety standards and safety law of the US. It is best recommended products for busy parents. Secure click-in and click-out mechanism has been added in this car seat base. It will allow every parent to make an effortless installation. If we talk about the weight, the weight of this product is 10 pounds. And the dimensions are 15.7 x 9.6 x 20.9 inches.


  • Meets all the US safety standard laws.
  • Allows one-click installation.
  • Height can be adjusted easily.
  • Easy level indicator.
  • Allows both latch and seat belt installation.
  • Integral Belt Locking Clips help to complete seat belt installation easily.
  • One of the best rear-facing car seat bases.
  • Reliable price.
  • The build quality is very good.


  • Heavyweight.


Baby Jogger RAPIDLOCK Infant Car Seat Base

Baby Jogger Rapidlock base provides belt positioning technology, which is really popular for safe and secure car base installation. This car seat base provides you the opportunity to use this base in multiple car seats. You can use this base with any Baby Jogger infant car seat.

It has so many attractive features for user-friendly using. Among them, integrated SecureStop Anti-Rebound Bar, 4 different recline positions, dual bubble level indicators and push-button LATCH are the best. All of them are considered to be the best safety features.

These features allow easy, simple and secure installation. And by the help of level indicators, you can easily see the seat installed properly or not. When you are on a travel, you don’t need to concern about the safety of your child.

Baby Jogger Rapidlock infant car seat base weight is about 1 pounds. The product dimensions are 14.1 x 13.9 x 24.1 inches.


  • The base seat can be installed withing two to three seconds.
  • Integrated SecureStop Anti-Rebound Bar always provides the best safety layers.
  • The Rapidlock base is compatible with all the Baby Jogger car seats like City GO, City Go 2 etc.
  • 4 position base allows a level to install.
  • Dual bubble level indicators offer the most secure installation. You cannot go wrong. You will always be confident when installing car seat base.
  • Light weight car seat base.


  • Expensive.

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat Base

Chicco is another popular brand for baby and kid accessories. Chicco Fit2 is a modern and well-designed car seat for the babies. If you have this car seat and a Chicco Fit2 car seat base, then it will ensure 100% comfort and protection of your child.

It is designed to use with rear-facing car seat. It is applicable as both infant and toddler car seat base. It offers extra safety features for 2 years old children. You can convert the base from stage 1 to stage 2 when your baby is in toddles age. The base is really simple and easy to extend from all the sides of growing people.

 The modern design and other special features can connect any parents mind. Adjustability of this car seat base is really outstanding. The base weight is 11.8 pounds. The item dimensions are 21.2 x 15 x 12.5 inches.


  • Can be used as an extra base.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides 2 design positions, infant and toddler.
  • Durable car seat base.
  • User-friendly design.
  • A good choice for the newborn.


  • Doesn’t fit well in the center seating position in some vehicles.
  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight.


Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat Base

Chicco KeyFit car seat base is one of the best car seat bases for baby. Many parents love this seat and in 2019, it won awards also. The installation process of this car seat is so simple. You can adjust it within 45 to 60 seconds.

The seat base is a little bit heavy if we compare it with other products. But in case of safety-conscious, parents choose this car seat without any doubt. The base comes so many unique features. To get a proper installation, level-indicator and recline Sure leveling foot helps a lot. You will also get a premium latch connector and a SuperCinch tightener. Both of them are really useful to make a secure attachment.

Smooth transitions, safety, comfort, build-quality, easy-installation and so many features are added to Chicco KeyFit car seat base. So, every parent loves it and in terms of security and smooth use, they prefer it as a good car seat base.

The weight of this item is 7.4 pounds. The dimensions are 8 x 15.5 x 20 inches. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Recline Sure Leveling Foot allows to fit the vehicle in a perfect angle.
  • Compatible with KeyFit 30 infant car seats.
  • Latch connectors allow to get a quick and correct installment.
  • Good build-quality.
  • Easy to adjust with the vehicles.
  • Travel-friendly features.
  • Appropriate age management.
  • Allows smooth transitions.


  • Straps are tight to connect.
  • Doesn’t fit all the cars. Before buying, you should check your vehicle manuals.
  • Mid-weight car seat base.

Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Stand-Alone Additional Infant Car Seat Base

If you want to enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable journey with your family and kids, then Maxi-Cosi is a solution for you. You can enjoy it more, if you buy a Maxi-Cosi base and install it in your vehicle. Don’t need to worry about installing it again. Just take it and set in the second vehicle. It is so simple.

The latch connectors make the installation process easier. So, I think this one is a great feature. It is designed such a way that it will easily fit in your car in its structure. It offers easy use and comfort also. The feedbacks of the customers are very good. Just go to the market, buy and install in your own vehicle and enjoy your trips.

The weight is around 7 pounds and the dimensions are 23 x 16.5 x 8 inches.


  • Compatible with all Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 infant car seats.
  • You will get a premium feature named One-click Latch system which is really helpful to make a complete and quick installation.
  • Fancy design to fit easily in any car.
  • Good for air-travel.
  • One of the best products for rear facing.
  • It can be used in your second car without reinstalling. It will save a lot of time.
  • Built-in rebound protection adds extra safety.


  • It costs a little more to use for 1 to 2 years.
  • Does not fit with all the car.
  • You may face some little problems because of bulky shape.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock DLX Infant Car Seat Base

Are you searching for a secure and safe installing car seat base? If you are so, then Graco SnugRIde Snuglock is one of the best choices for you. Are you familiar with the click install system or ever heard its name? This click method is known as the best hassle-free and safe installation system.

Latch connectors are included in this car seat base and you can adjust it very fast. 4-positions recline, Bubble level, SnugLock installation technology, SafetyCore impact are the unique and premium features of it. All of these features allow a hassle-free, easy, safe and secure travel when you are on the trip.

The weight of Graco SnugRIde Snuglock DLX infant base 9 pounds and the dimensions are 21.76 x 14.75 x 8.75 inches.


  • 4-positions recline helps to make proper adjustments. This feature is really helpful to fit in your car.
  • InRight Latch system allows very fast latch attachment.
  • Bubble level indicator is a system that indicates whether the installation is complete.
  • Very easy to install because of SnugLock installation technology.
  • Easy to use also. It has a user-friendly design.
  • SafetyCore impact offers the best protection for your baby.


  • There are some struggles to be faced when it comes to snap related issues.
  • Sometimes you may face trouble with leveling the base.


Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Stand-Alone Additional Infant Car Seat Base

The feature of this product is same as Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 infant car seat base. You will get all the facilities like safety, comfort, smooth transition, latch connectors etc. As like as Maxi-Cosi Mico 30, you don’t need to re-install the base in your second vehicle.

It is the second version of Maxi-Cosi 30. Because of this version update, the price and weight of this product is increased. The item weight is around 10 pounds. The item dimensions are 22.80 x 16.80 x 8.00 inches.


  • Compatible with all Mico and Mico Max 30 infant car seats.
  • You will get a premium feature named One-click Latch system which is really helpful to make a complete and quick installation.
  • Great design to fit easily in any car.
  • One of the best products for rear facing.
  • It can be used in your second car without reinstalling. It will save a lot of time.
  • Built-in rebound protection adds extra safety.


  • Expensive.
  • You may face some little problems because of bulky shape.
  • The stand is much larger than needed.


Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Base

Purchasing the car seat and the car seat base of this brand means you will get something more than traditional. The combination of Baby Trend Inertia car seat and base is a great health and safety combo package for your kids.

When the manufactured taste this product, the response of this base and car seat against crash was really great. It always distributes better force than ever. You can easily place it in your second vehicle. Fully compatible with Pre-2002 Non-Latch equipped vehicles. The 4-recline positions allow better adjustment.

The weight of this product is around 15 pounds. The product dimensions are 26 x 16.2 x 10.1 inches.


  • Great infant car seat base at affordable price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very easy to use.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Durable and very confident car seat base.
  • 4-recline positions allow to make a complete well-leveled adjustment.
  • Rigid Latch Connectors ease the installation process.
  • The base is compatible with most of the car seats.


  • Heavyweight car seat base.