Things to Consider before buying a baby car seat stroller

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Undoubtedly babies are the most important for a parent. A responsible parent would do everything in hand to protect and ensure the safety of the baby.

But when you in the shopping carrying shopping bag in one hand and another baby, or you are driving a car on a messy road, in this situation baby trend car seat with a stroller can be your savior.

For this reason, baby car seat stroller should be your the first choice of a parent. It will ensure the safety of the baby while traveling. 

Why you should use a baby car seat and stroller?

Despite the modern transportation system in today’s world almost in every country there is always is a risk of the car crash.

It is highly recommended every country’s traffic department use seatbelt for adult and baby car seats for the child. Without ensuring this safety, there is a chance of you may end up injuring yourself. Since babies are small higher at risk, injury from an accident can become fatal for the kids.

 According to a report in 2017 in the united states, Around 794 children died in the car crash ages 12 years and younger. And also there were more than 128,000 children who were suffered from fatal injuries in a car crash.

Surely, only using an infant car seat stroller can save your precious kid from potentially fatal injuries.

What kind of baby car seats you should buy?

Before you go to the market for buying a baby car seat and stroller, there are certain things you need to know. First of all, you should know what the best-fit car seat is for your baby. The market offers you a huge variety of baby car seat strollers which can confuse you.

Baby car seats can be divided into certain types which will help you to choose the best fit one.

  • Car seat: It is especially for newborn weights from 5 pounds up to between 22 and 30 Infant pounds. This type of car seat is suitable for children ages up to 1 year. Most of the infant car seats have bases that latch into the vehicle.

It allows the actual seat to act as a carrier and to snap in and out of the base. This function of the baby car seat stroller will keep you away from installing the car seat on the car every time.

You should keep in mind that the baby should remain in the rear-facing position until he/she is one year old and 20 pounds. 

  • Convertible car seat: You can use this dual function car seat as both rear-facing and forward-facing positions. It is suitable for children ages up to 4 years and 40 pounds. Most of the time this type of seats is installed in the vehicle in a rear-facing position.

 And also it is fully reclined until the baby reaches one year and 20 pounds. 

This baby car seat and stroller combo can be turned into a front-facing one from a rear-facing. Its five-point harness (or a T-shield or a tray shield) gives extra protection for your baby.

Some models also come with the ability to remove the 5 point harness and turned the seat as a belt-positioning booster seat. 

  • Forward-Facing: This type of car seat is perfect for children age 1 to 4and weighs from 20 to 40 pounds. It’s a more advance version of the infant car seat. Unlike the infant car seat, it can change from a five-point harness to a belt-positioning seat.
  • Booster Seats: This baby boy strollers and the car seat is capable of holding a child of 30 to 100 pounds.

Usually, it perfectly goes with cars without a head or a high back. Its strong harness keeps the child stick to the car seat ensuring better safety for sleeping children.

  • Built-in (Integrated) Seats: Some manufacturers like Volvos, Daimler Chrysler, and Dodge offer built-in booster or child seats as factory options to the customer.

This type of car seat is defiantly a smart choice for a parent. Yet you should do check on the manufacturer brochure before buying.

Pre-caution that need to keep in mind

Knowing about the baby car seat strollers and reading manufacture brochure is not enough for giving your child a perfect child car seat. There are certain things which also needs your attention.

  • Buying from the right palace: Buying the right car seat is also depends on the palace where you buy it. Some parents trend to buy whatever they see on the garage sale. In a garage sale, you may get a child car seat around half of the price comparing to the normal shop price.

It is because usually there are used car seats are on sale in a garage sale. When you buy a car seat from a garage sale you have no idea what will happen to it. It can be turned out a wrecked one. Using a wrecked car seat is highly forbidden by the safety expert.

  • Registration of car seat: To get safety recall notifications you should register your car seat to a concern website.
  • Easy installation: Always go for an easy installation car seat. That will save both time and energy.
  • For Travel or sleep? Car seat is mainly designed for the travel only not for sleeping. Some car seat provides good support to a sleeping child yet it’s better to shift your precious angel to the crib as soon as you reached home.
  • Wash Ability: Go for a washable car seat. The seat cover of a washable car seat can be easily removed. So that you can easily clean the dirt and germs of the machine.
  • Budget-friendly: Sometimes parents think the more money you spend on the better you can get. It is an absolutely a wrong notion, in the market you can find a very comfortable and advance baby car seat stroller within a normal budget.

Finally, as a parent ensuring the safety of the child is the most important duty to carry. And for the completion of the duty, this information will prove handy.

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